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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2007 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Wanda
General Hospital’s Top Ten

These past couple of GH days have been exceptional.

10. Alcazar Shooting. Alcazar is holding a gun at Sonny, having him at a totally disadvantage. Of course Alcazar has to go into a mini-monologue and right before he shoots, Carly barges into the room. Lo is distracted giving Sonny the opportunity to grab his gun and shoot and the camera pans to a shocked Carly, looking down on the ground. Here I thought Carly getting shot in the head was a good one. Alcazar’s shooting was very tense and well done.

9. Sam/Liz Spat. Sam comes “home” to Jason’s penthouse and finds Liz scarf there. For a moment I was afraid. There is no telling what she could do. I mean she already broke out of prison and became a fugitive over some pictures that Ric showed her, so what would finding Liz’s scarf do? Well, it wasn’t long before she reacted. She rushes out and at the hospital goes after Liz. Liz, probably not wanting to lose her job, tries to move past the altercation with as little fanfare as possible but it doesn’t work because Sam’s yelling soon gathers an audience of Ms. Sneed and Epiphany. Too bad Lucky wasn’t around to hear about Liz and Jason then this whole baby debacle could be out in the open. Anyway, Sam is shooting out looks of death to anyone who gets in her way and eventually ends up quitting. Next to a Robin/Carly and Liz/Carly spat, this one was quite entertaining. Of course Carly is not to be outdone (see number 2).

8. Epiphany/Sneed Spat. After bearing witness to the Liz/Sam exchange of words, the awful Ms. Sneed decides to handle the situation. Epiphany jumps in and lets Ms. Sneed know that under no uncertain terms will she overstep her bounds by writing any of her nurses up. Ms. Sneed just can’t catch a break. I would not want to be the administrator for General Hospital.

7. Dillon embracing his Q genes unbeknownst to them. Dillon explains to Lulu that his family is deranged and the only way to deal with them is to play by their rules which he easily does by calling a “family meeting” to act as a distraction so that Lulu can search the house for Rick Webber’s stolen date book. Everyone thinks Dillon has gotten soft but he is just besting them at their own game. I absolutely loved Dillon in full Q mode.

6. Maxi just might be right. For the first time in years, Maxi just might be right about something- Professor Pete is conning Georgie. Of course this is speculation on my part, but isn’t the writing on the wall. He is attracted to Georgie and is not only interested in her “research.”

5. Quatermaine family meeting. It doesn’t matter why they get together, having the Quatermaines in one room together is always a treat. Edward is the greatest patriarch around.

4. Carly asking anyone to marry her. At the PCPD, Carly blabs off to Ric that she saw everything that happened during the shooting. Of course she didn’t. She only saw enough to incriminate Sonny. In order to avoid sending Sonny to jail and herself going up on criminal charges, she has to what? Marry Sonny of course. So she spends a couple of days running frantically trying to avoid any discussion of marrying Sonny even to the point of asking Max to marry her.

3. Alice and Spinelli wrestle. I knew there was a reason why I loved Alice, her being able to handle the Qs notwithstanding. She is a wrestler! What a hidden talent that will sure to serve well in the Q household. She even tried one of her knew moves on Spinelli who happens to be a fan.

2. Carly and Sky get into it. When Carly went to see Sky about the shooting in hopes of getting her to get Lorenzo to drop charges, she didn’t bargain for the venom spewing out of the new mother. Sky was taking no prisoners as she angrily vowed revenge against Carly, Sonny, and anyone else who dared to mess with her man. She even grabbed Carly by the arm at one point. It was a great scene, and although misplaced, it was nice to see some fire coming from Sky.

1. Sonny’s feeling are hurt. I believe this quote from Sonny to Jason explains why this was a great moment. "She's acting as though marrying me signals the apocalypse coming, and I gotta be honest with you … it hurts my feelings a little bit."

Some of the best scenes of late and the week isn’t even over yet.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 5/28/12

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