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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

GH Commentary by Destiny Eve Pifer

"General Destruction"

Once upon a time “General Hospital” was a must-see soap. It provided its viewers with a mixture of stories. It provided us with one of the most famous soap couples of all time “Luke and Laura”. Their was romance, adventure and excitement. A variety of characters were shown and given their chance in the spotlight. Back in the 80’s we saw the villainous Cassidines, the arrival of Robert Scorpio, Anna Devane, Frisco Jones, Noah Drake, Felicia Jones and Robin Scorpio. We saw the wealthy Quartermaines bicker and scheme. Their was also something to tune in for.

Now we have the destruction of a good soap. No longer do we see any Romance or Adventure. Instead we see the Mobsters taking over the show. Sonny Corinthos has become the hero of the show. A mob boss who must have everyone’s loyalty and who treats women like scum. We have Jason Morgan who at one time had a promising career is now an emotionless hit man. Then we have Carly Corinthos who walks around wielding her power and worshipping the grounds of Sonny and Jason. Sam McCall is Jason’s needy girlfriend who is always chasing after him. These four have taken over the show and stolen the spotlight.

The biggest destruction has come from the recent firings of the show’s veteran actors. The recent announcement of actor Stuart Damon who plays “Alan Quartermaine has left many fans fuming. Fans have sent petitions in hope of saving his career. However I fear it won’t be enough. I fear that Leslie Charleston who plays Alan’s wife “Monica” is next on the chopping block. Behind her will be Jackie Zeman who plays “Bobbie”. Other vets who have been treated poorly are Tristan Rogers, Emma Samms, Kristina Wagner, Robyn Richards, Genie Francis, Kin Shriner and many more

What’s really sad is that the writers feel its necessary to bring back the vets long enough to boost the ratings than kick them to the side. Last year we saw Robin Scorpio return to town with hope of saving ex-boyfriend Jason Morgan. However their was a change in Robin. We saw a bossy and nosey kind of Robin. That didn’t keep me from liking her. I still remembered the famous romance of “Stone and Robin”. The loss of Stone along with the supposed deaths of her parents left her cold and alone. I forgave her and continued to tune in. Then came the arrival of the very hot and awesome Rick Springfield! Reprising his role as Noah Drake. I finally found a reason to tune back in but was unhappy to see that the mob four had to be brought into the story. Of course it had to be Jason near death that brought Noah to town. As well as Noah’s son Patrick. Of course Carly had to capture Patrick’s attention and wave it in Robin’s face.

It seemed as though the show was trying to focus on more characters. We saw Bobbie interacting with Noah. Alan and Monica actually on screen. We saw Robin start to fall for Patrick. During February Sweeps we saw the greatest return when Robert Scorpio came back to the canvas. However this wasn’t the same Robert I had grown fond of while growing up. This Robert was cold and distant. He was at all the loving father to Robin that I had remembered. This Robert became more concerned with saving Luke and then chasing after Holly. Ah yes Holly Sutton another character ruined. Where as Holly once adored Robin and would never hurt her this one didn’t give a damn. The new Holly came across as a greedy floozy .She not only flirted with Robert and Luke but also Robin’s love interest Patrick Drake. She became a cold-hearted blackmailer who didn’t care about people’s lives and that really irritated me. We finally got a bit of adventure when Robin, Patrick, Lulu, Dillon tracked Robert and Luke down. However it was short lived and of course we had to suffer with seeing Sonny and Emily paw each other. Anna Devane made a brief but memorable appearance and we were even treated to seeing her back in Port Charles. Where as an interesting relationship could have formed from Anna and Lorenzo Alcazar we were left sorely disappointed. Anna left the canvas and Robert is nowhere to be seen.

Noah Drake makes an appearance twice a month if even that and I have yet to see the Noah/Bobbie hook-up that many have been waiting for. The Famous Laura Spencer was put in a catatonic state four years ago and ushered off our screens. Brought back this past November in time for Sweeps her appearance was brief and disappointing. She has once again fallen back into the catatonic state. Other disappointments have been the death of Rick Webber, Justice Quartermaine, Faith Roscoe (an interesting character and strong female), the horrible returns of Brenda Barrett and Lois Ashton, the disappearance of Felicia, the disappearance of Kevin Collins and Lucy Coe, the horrible destruction of Maxie Jones.

Now we have the horrible February Sweeps just around the corner with the horrible death of Alan Quartermaine. As well as the return of Scotty Baldwin whom I predict they will either kill off or ruin. My opinion is that this show is only going to get worse unless the writing changes. Better yet a new writing department and new head honcho. One that doesn’t destroy the vets as well as the female characters. Lets hope the rumors some big changes come true. We need our soap back!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/10/12

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