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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Port Charles

Glad to see that Carly beat Lady Jane at her own game and I loved how by the time Jax arrived they were laughing and drinking together. I wished Jax (from the looks of the previews) would not have seemed so opposed to Carly and him getting married. I canít believe Alexis had everyone involved in the surgery arrested, even though Sam had gotten better because of it. I loved how no one was going to get bailed out or leave until everyone was able to get (well except for Patrick who seemed like the only one wanting to leave everyone there) and I canít believe that Lucky still canít seem to let go of his insane idea that Elizabeth and Patrick are involved with one another. Again, Sonny and Emily wasted too much air time and luckily I taped it and so they were fast-forward material.

Alexisí seems to think that she really knows what Sam would want, even though she barely knows anything about her. Jason is the best person to make decisions that he knows Sam would want but now he wonít be able to do anything since Alexis got the bright idea to move Sam to an unknown location. It has been interesting to see the reunion between Robert, Anna and Robin and I do look forward to seeing what is coming up next for the three of them. Carly really had a point with Ric today, he kept going on about how Alexis was doing the right thing but as soon as Carly mentioned if Sam had taken Alexis somewhere would Ric be doing the same as Jason to find his wife. At least finally someone mentioned what has been obvious for awhile, that Maxie has a crush on Nikolas and I am still not sure how I would feel about this pairing. I am really getting annoyed with Lucky, he has the nerve to have Elizabeth followed, I hope that when Lucky does confront her that she is doing something good and so then he will look like an idiot.

I couldnít believe that Carly went to Jason, so that she could get some muscle to help her with keeping Jaxís secret. I love the friendship between Jason and Carly and if I didnít think that their friendship might be ruined if they got together, then I would want to see them as a couple. Maxie has some nerve blackmailing Jax, I think she is just doing it because she cares about Nikolas. It has been an interesting twist that Epiphany ends up being Stanís mother; I like her as a character because she is willing to call people on their stuff which is a rare quality. I know Alexis is coming with good intentions in regards to Sam but she sure seems to know a lot about what her daughter would want even though she barely knows anything about her, let alone what she would want in this situation. I like the fact that Stan pointed out to his mother that Sam and Jason are engaged because it seems like that fact usually slips peopleís minds.

For a Friday show, I was disappointed in what we got to see. Although I did like the scenes that Carly and Jason were in, the rest was a bit dry for me. I still canít get into the whole Sonny and Emily relationship and wish that she would just go away. I canít believe that Maxie showed Robin the paternity results, it is like the writers want both Carly and Robin involved in another paternity situation in which whatever decision is made will seem to be the wrong one. I like that Jason and Sonny are starting to get along again and it was interesting to see Sonny giving Jason advice on how to run the business. The actors and writers are giving some great stuff in terms of the Samís surgery and Alexis finding out that Sam is her daughter, some very emotional performances.

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Page updated 8/11/12

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