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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Port Charles

I still donít think I am going to love this storyline but I do think that Alexis being Samís mother is going to be interesting and I have a feeling it will cause problems for Jason and Sam. The look on Alexisí face when she saw Sam in the hospital was very emotional and although nothing will be fully explained yet, just seeing her there for her daughter was amazing. The scene that really got to me was when Sam asked Jason to not let them take her ring, the emotion that came from Jason was so emotional, it actually made me a fan of Jason and Sam as a couple. I do wish we could see Carly there for Jason now but I think she may have started something with Alexis if she was and at least she is getting a storyline separate from Sonny. I wonder how Lady Jane is going to react when Jax brings Carly and the boys with him and John. I canít believe the writers are continuing to make Lucky so unlucky and instead of making things better now that he is out of the hospital, they are causing more problems by having him think that his wife is cheating on him. Elizabeth has been there for him through so much and he is over-reacting and should just talk to Elizabeth about it instead of assuming the worst. I loved the look on Ricís face when Sonny told him that Sam was Alexisí daughter which means she is his step-daughterÖI couldnít help but laugh when I saw his face.

I really loved the scenes with Alexis and Jason, they seem to really shine the last few episode. I know this truce between them probably wonít last long but I am going to enjoy it while I can. I was enjoying the whole Robert, Luke and Holly storyline but now I am finding it to be a bit much and I canít wait until it is over or at least until something or someone picks up the pace of it. Plus, the fact that Dillon, Lulu, Patrick and Robin would go after them is laughable and not in the enjoyable way. I knew that the truth behind Johnís paternity was going to come out sooner or later but I was hoping it would be much, much later but I am going to hope for the best with this storyline and still want Jax to be the father.

I canít believe that Alexis is trying to stop the surgery, she has just found out she was Samís mother like two seconds ago and she is already saying she knows more the Jason does in regards to what is best for Sam. I canít believe that Sonny bought a car and that we as viewers were subjected to watching him and Emily talk about it. I was happy to see in the previews that Carly is finally on; looks like tomorrow might actually be an interesting episode.

It was nice seeing Carly and Lady Jane today, their interaction was fun. I do wish that Jax would have been there but I think he might be on Monday, or at least I hope he will be. I am glad that Patrick and everyone were willing to risk their careers to perform the surgery. I donít think Alexis should have tried to stop it since Jason knows what Sam would want to happen. I didnít expect to see Anna on today but I am glad that she is back. I just hope that her return doesnít disappoint like some other returns.

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Page updated 8/11/12

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