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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Port Charles

Although I know that Sonny cancelled the hit that he had ordered on Jason, it makes no difference to me. The fact that he did it was what makes me upset, even after Jason had taken away Sonnyís business, he still protected Sonny and even showed the other families that he will not be forced into making a decision. I really hope that Sam is going to be okay, I think it would be extremely unfair to make it so she cannot have children, although it would cause lots of drama and so that is probably what the writers are going to have happen. I think that if they do make it so Sam cannot have children, that down the road she will have a miracle pregnancy.

I canít believe the nerve of Emily, she really thinks she has the right to tell Carly if she can or cannot take her children home with her. I think that if Emily had called the guards that they would have not done a thing because they would be afraid of Carly. I also canít believe that after being upset that Sonny ordered a hit on her brother that Emily goes to defend him to Carly. I am getting tired of this back and forth dance that Patrick and Robin are doing, I actually like them as a couple but anytime they start to get close one of them backs away.

It was nice to see some more Carly and Jax today and I hope that the writers continue to allow this relationship to grow. I wish that Patrick would have been able to save that woman, the look on his face when he had to tell the family really was very emotional. I really canít help getting annoyed with Emily, even though there was not a mention of her relationship with Sonny, she needs to just go away because I canít stand to watch her anymore. I donít know why all of the women would go out drinking together but I can surely bet it will either be funny or fast-forward material. It was great to see Durant and Carly together and the action from being trapped in the house is really making things interesting and is breaking up the drama with Sam being in the hospital. Although I didnít see Robert and Holly when they were originally on, I am still enjoying the scenes they are having with Luke and loved when Holly told them to shut up. I also love the references they make to past adventures, even though I donít know the full extent of them.

The drinking scenes with the ladies at Jakeís was much more interesting than I thought and it was funny but more on the side of being cheesy.  It was nice to see Coleman again because he is such a fun character and he really made the scenes even funnier. I still couldnít stand Emily even when she was drink and then when she went back to Sonnyís, it just got even worse. The only thing I found funny about it was the look on Sonnyís face when Max and Milo carried her upstairs. I hope that Patrick doesnít go down the same road as his father did because I love his character and that would be a very sad storyline. Patrick and Noah are some of my favorite additions to the cast and I really hope they stick around for awhile.

I really wish that they would be killing off Durant, although I got annoyed when he would arrest Jason and/or Sonny or when he would keep pestering Carly about leaving Sonny or turning on Jason, he was still a fun character. I also love the actor and wish that the writers would have decided not to go with this as a storyline. It may be a clichť but I really did enjoy the scenes where Durant and Carly were talking and he was telling her about his past and the fact that he said they were so much alike and that he loved her. It is the classic death bed reunion in what was said and the fact that Carly called him Dad really got to me. Some may say it is a little too late but I think it is never too late for something like that and I loved that we were able to see them together before the character was gone for good.

I hope that Sam will be okay because I do like her and Jason together, they seem to compliment each other nicely and she can handle herself in his life. I am very annoyed that Ric would take this opportunity to convince Sonny he should take over the business because Jason did it when Sonny was pre-occupied. The difference is that Emily was not in a hospital bed dying, she was sleeping with Sonny. I donít think that Jason over-reacted but I am interested to see how Alexis reacts as she was standing at the doorway when Jason had a gun pointed at Ric. Alexis is going to know for sure how far her husband is willing to go to impress his brother and when she finds out another little piece of information, I think she will become even more upset with what he had tried to do.

I felt bad for Carly because she really doesnít know how to feel about her father but I am glad that they showed her conflicted about it. Although I am upset with Sonny for ordering the hit on Jason (and I know Carly still is mad), I am glad that she decided not to keep her boys from their father. I was wondering when it was going to happen and although I still have mixed feelings about it, I knew that as soon as Jason knew that Sam was going to die that he would honor her wish by telling Alexis that she is Samís mother. It may actually turn out to be interesting but at the moment I am taking the wait and see position. I know that Jax has no right to keep John from his father but for some reason I really donít want people to find out the truth because I want Jax to have the child he has always wanted. If the truth is revealed, I hope by some twist that could only happen in soaps, that Jax ends up being the father and the mistakes are somehow explained and I really donít care if the explanations are believable or not.

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Page updated 8/11/12

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