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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Port Charles


It was nice seeing more of Robin and Patrick but I am really getting tired of this back and forth between the two of them. Robin needs to loosen up a bit because if not she is never really going to be happy. I hate that the writers have put Carly in another paternity situation and I doubt any good will come from it once the truth is revealed. I just wonder how much closer Jax and Carly will become as they keep the secret and when the secret is finally revealed. I loved how Alice punched Robert out; she is such a fun character. I really couldnít stand Sonny today but right now, that doesnít surprise me.


Usually I am just annoyed with Emily and today was no different and what really made me laugh was when Sonny said they wanted him eliminated and she said, you mean killed. She doesnít belong it his world and the sooner they are over the better it will be for everyone. I think Ric is going to start to get on my nerves by acting like Sonnyís protector because unlike Jason, Ric is just acting like a protector and is not actual one. Seeing everyone trying to keep Robert in the freezer at the Quartermaines was very funny to watch and it was obvious that he was faking being blind. I think Carly is right, that they need something more creative in order to raise money.


I loved seeing both Jax and Carly get jealous in regards to the auction; it was great how he didnít realize that if he was in the auction, that she would then want to get a ticket to it. I canít believe that Lucky thinks Elizabeth is involved with Patrick; she would not cheat on him. I canít believe that Sonny said he saw Jason kill Escobar and I loved how Sam came in yelling at him about it. It will be interesting to see how things progress when we get to see how Carly reacts to the news and I for one, hope that Jason gets out very quickly and that both Sam and Carly become even closer to Jason than they were before.


I really have to start out by saying that I absolutely loved what Carly said to Sonny when she found out that he turned Jason into the police. I knew that she was going to take Jasonís side (and I really wanted her to) but I never thought that she would talk to Sonny like that and I was pleasantly surprised. Sonny is really getting on my last nerve right now and I canít believe he is doing this to Jason. I couldnít help but laugh when Robert took the drink, drank it and then the stewardess said it was compliments of Luke Spencer, it was great and as always I enjoyed the flashbacks that he had about Holly and his past. I am glad that Jax was there for Carly and I wonder what is going to happen tomorrow in regards to her marriage proposal, I hope that either she is joking or if she is serious, that he says yes.


I have loved the idea of the auction but I was disappointed that it didnít seem as fun as I thought it was going to be. I was interested to see certain characters interacting with people they hated or never really talked to but it seemed to fall a bit flat. I canít believe that Max had a daydream about Carly and when he stood up later, I had to cover my eyes because I felt bad for him when everyone was just looking at him and wondering what he was doing. I canít believe that Sonny ordered a hit on Jason and of course it backfired and Sam got shot instead. If Sonny thought he had problems before he has another thing coming now.

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Page updated 8/11/12

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