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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Port Charles


I am glad that Nikolas showed up when he did because I feel bad about all the pressure that both Elizabeth and Lucky have been feeling recently. I really couldnít believe that Sonny called Jason a hypocrite, which is like the pot calling the kettle black. I feel bad for Carly because she is put in this situation again and no matter what she does, she is going to be blamed for it. I canít believe that Sonny hit Jason; it was not unexpected but was still a bit shocking. I am glad that we got a Robin and Robert together, his return gives me hope that maybe they will be able to fix their relationship. Sonny wonders why Jason is worried about his sister, well letís see, when Emily came to stop them, Sonny pushed her away and she fell, that shows Jason more proof that Sonny will hurt his sister.


I couldnít believe that Jax didnít tell Carly the truth about John; you could clearly see that she over-reacted when Nikolas went to pick up the letter. Dillon reaction to Georgie writing letters to Diego was expected but still uncalled for in my opinion. Glad to see Edward is back and it was funny how everyone kept telling him to shut up. I hate how everyone is not taking Jasonís side in this, I didnít expect Emily or Sonny to but I couldnít believe the way that Sam was taking to him and then what she was saying to Sonny. I am glad that Jason showed up at Carlyís, I loved how she was there for him and how she said she knows Sonny will hurt Emily, that Jason can see the boys whenever he wants and that they are on Jasonís side in this. I loved seeing all the flowers in Jason and Sam apartment, it was funny how she thought the flowers were for her and when she found out who they were really from, her reaction was priceless.


I loved how Jason stayed the night at Carlyís; they are two of my favorite characters on the show. The look on Jasonís face when Jax walked in was great and I am glad that someone is there for him during this time. Jax had an opportunity to tell Carly the truth and again he didnít, that is going to work against him once he finds out she knows the truth. I am glad that Sam and Jason are okay know but I still canít help feel that trouble is coming there way that may break them up temporarily but I hope in the end that they are together because besides wanting Jason with Carly (I know it is very unlikely but I can still hope, as long as they remain friends if they would break up), Sam is the only one I can see with him and his life. It was funny how Emily thought Carly would really tell Jason to back down, it was laughable and I am glad that Carly told her what she could do about it.


I hate the way that Lucky has been talking to Elizabeth, she is trying to do everything to help him and he doesnít seem to even appreciate it. I wish that Emily would stop crying about everything, she knew that being with Sonny was going to cause problems; she was just in denial until now. I loved how Max was talking to Milo about what he was going to do in terms of the five families, especially when he thanked Milo for his help, when Milo didnít even say anything. Alexis always seems to try and stop Kristina from spending time with her father and brothers, I understand her concern but it is really getting on my last nerve.


If Jason would have been there or at least if Jason and Sonny wouldnít be at odds with each other, then the party really would have been great. I loved the gift that Carly gave Sonny and I was not shocked when he slammed in against the desk. I wonder now that Jax knows that Carly knows that Nikolas really is the father, what is going to happen next. Of course at the exact time Carly and Jax are discussing Nikolas, Nikolas just coincidentally shows up at Carlyís. I loved the dialogue between Robert and Lulu today, she was great and I especially loved the scene where she smashed the vase on him and he went down. I had guessed that Manny was behind the pictures being taken and I am glad that we actually get to see that it is him.

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Page updated 8/11/12

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