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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Port Charles


I was excited to see what Carly had planned for Emily and I wished it would have turned out better than it did. I canít believe that Emily smacked Carly, if Nikolas and Max wouldnít have been there, Emily would not have stood a chance against Carly. I canít believe that Robin is getting suspended; I know what she did was against Noahís wishes but she didnít deserve it. I loved how Jason got Epiphany to help him out and her reaction when she heard him beating up the man in the hospital room was priceless. Seeing more of Elizabeth is great and it will be interesting to see how everything plays out since it looks like Lucky is hurt yet again and this time he isnít on the job, so I donít think he has any medical insurance to cover any injuries. I canít believe the way Sonny treated both Jason and Carly today and Jason was right, that Sonny is spending too much time focusing on Emily that he isnít taking care of business the way he should be. Sam was actually trying with Alexis today but of course Alexis had to push her agenda that Jason is abusing Sam. Seeing Nikolas and Sam interacting more is nice, and it will be interesting to see how their relationship changes once the truth comes out. 


It seems that Lucky doesnít really have that much luck, since he seems to always be getting hurt and ending up in the hospital. It was nice to see Jason comforting Elizabeth and although I do love Elizabeth and Lucky together, I wouldnít mind seeing Jason and Elizabeth together again. I think that with seeing Elizabeth and Jason together more that maybe the writers are testing the water to see if fans will welcome this or not. I canít believe how negative Sonny is being about Jason to Sam, I would have never thought he would say things like this before but ever since his pairing with Emily, the Sonny I knew is now gone. I am glad that Jax agreed with Carly, it is not the first time though that Alexis has prevented Kristina from spending time with Michael and Morgan. Alexis may not like Carly but she should put their differences aside for the children. I loved seeing Carly and Jax together, they are my favorite couple on the show right now and with everything surrounding Sonny and Emily, Carly and Jax are really make the show better. 


I am really getting sick of St. Emily, from the way she is talking to Jason and how she thinks she can handle Sonnyís life has me annoyed and laughing all at the same time. I think Jason taking over will be very interesting and I think it is about time it happened. It was nice seeing Carly, Jason and the boys together, even though it didnít last long. It was sweet to see how Jax said anything could be fixed, I see him bonding with the boys just like Carly is bonding with John. The memorial for Jessie was very emotional, when they handed Maxie the flag and then when Lucky stood up to salute his partner, I couldnít help but get a little teary-eyed over it.


It was funny to see Justus, Lainey, Jax and Carly on a double date together, it was unexpected. I also loved the way Elizabeth reacted when she found out who Jax was talking to on the phone.  I feel bad for Lucky and Elizabeth, they always seem to be having medical problems but I think the medical problems are going to lead to more serious consequences later. It was great how Lulu went on about how she couldnít wait for the wedding, after Tracy told her that she better pretend she loved it or her father would be dragged off. The scenes involving Jason taking the business from Sonny were really great, like how he offered to not putting Max and Milo in the middle of it by making it look like they tried to stop him. I found the best scenes came when Carly was talking to Jason, the emotions that were coming from the two characters was amazing. I understand where Carly is coming from and where Jason is coming from and so I feel bad for both of them. 


I am glad that Carly didnít tell Sonny about what Jason had planned and I loved how she said she would help him clean up this mess, like he has helped her in the past. It was great seeing Sonnyís reaction when he found out that Jason had taken his business away from him. It was nice to see some more Jason and Elizabeth scenes again today and it was really nice that he offered to help cover their medical expenses. I hated the way that Jax over-reacted to Carly leaving him, she has been there for him and I am glad he realized he needed to be there for her now. I wish that Carly wouldnít have found out the truth about John, I hate the way the writers keep putting her in the middle of these types of situations, either way she will end up getting blamed for something. The previews for next week look really good, I canít believe Sonny said they are enemies now and I hope this doesnít last long.

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Page updated 8/11/12

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