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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Port Charles


I am very glad that Carly told Michael that he cannot tell her who she can or cannot go out with because he seems to think he can control things like that. I also loved the fact that Carly asked Jax if he was up to the challenge of eating dinner with her and the boys. The only reason I was actually able to watch the Sonny and Emily scenes today was because they both looked so embarrassed that it was funny to me. The writers sure know how to take something and stretch it for all itís worth and I am talking about Jesseís liver and Noah. First we had all this drama surrounding Jesseís liver going to Noah and how Patrick botched the surgery on purpose and now we are going to get the drama with Patrick being a living donor. I am so glad that Jason just told Emily to leave because she has no idea what he is going through since she is so wrapped up in her own world. I didnít like how Jax was testing Carly and the previews show that she didnít like it either and she has been through that before and doesnít need to go there again.


I canít believe that Sonny actually left Jason there, Jason has done so much for Sonny and this is how he repays him. I loved seeing Carly and Jax together and it was funny how she told him she could walk away without even a second look. I also loved the way Jax convinced her that, that was not the case. I am even more upset that Sam told Jason that it was partly his fault that this happened; she really got on my nerves today. I loved how Robin would risk her career to help Patrick and Noah, the kiss before he went under was very sweet. I felt bad for Lucky when he was blaming himself for what happened to Jesse. I did feel bad for Elizabeth today when Luke came by and asked her about Lorenzo switching the charts. I canít believe that Sam sent Justus away; I know she wanted Jason to cool off but I am still mad that she did it. Sonny is going to have to tell the truth to his kids sooner or later, he canít keep dodging it. I canít believe that Sam was actually surprised that Jason asked her to leave, I feel bad for him since it seems like everyone is either hiding something from him or not trusting him like they always have before.


Emily gets more annoying with each day; today I was so upset with the way she was talking to Jason. I think Jason is right that Emily thinks she can change Sonny but it is going to be Emily that will change. I was very happy because we got to see Lucky and Elizabeth today and although they did get upset with one another, I am glad that they did not stay mad for too long. Although Sonny wasnít on today, it was a Sonny and Emily filled day (too much for me) and the fact Carly was not on, made the day just okay. I did actually enjoy seeing both Alexis and Sam today, their interaction today was great. Although I donít like the fact that Alexis is pushing to get Sam away from Jason, seeing the two of them talking was a nice change. I felt bad for Jason again today because it seems like no one understands where he is coming from and by the look of the previews for tomorrow, it seems like Jason isnít ready to forget and that he is still upset with Sam.


I thought it was very sweet of Jax to offer to take the boys to Disney World because of what was on the front page of the newspaper. I do wish Carly would have gone with them so we could have had more scenes of Carly and Jax but maybe this trip will allow Jax, Michael and Morgan to have a chance to get to know each other and become closer. I loved how Max was trying to hide the front page of the newspaper from Sonny. It was nice to see Jax with the boys, I loved how Michael gave him advice about Morgan and I couldnít help but laugh when Michael asked Jax if he was making a love nest with his mother. I am glad that Carly went to go and see Emily because it seems like Emily has been thinking about everyone except Michael and Morgan. Jax seems to have had a breakthrough with Michael because now Michael doesnít think he is such a bad guy, so I hope this means that whenever Carly and Jax get together officially as a couple, that Michael will be okay with it. I canít believe that Alexis compared Samís situation to domestic violence, which was uncalled for since Jason and Sam just had an argument. I canít believe that Sonny went over to the Quatermaineís; he really must be losing it because that is the worst idea ever. It was great to see Michael, Morgan and Jax when they came back to Carlyís, he looked great in that hat and it was nice to see a sweet moment between Jax and Carly.


Although I am not a fan of Sonny and Emily, I loved how Lulu said Sonny was the perfect boyfriend, it was just a fun line and then when Dillon started talking about the Godfather movie, it made the scene worth watching. I loved how Carly told Jason that she didnít care about Sonny and Emily but that she was concerned that he was going to get hurt. I am actually enjoying the scenes with Sam today; she didnít come off annoying which is a nice change. I do hope that Carly knocked some sense into Jason because I donít want Jason to be the one that ends up getting hurt. I was wondering why Jason was at Kellyís but when I saw the ankle monitor, I knew he was in Mannyís room but I was expecting Lucky to be at the door instead of Lorenzo. I am glad though that Lucky did end up showing up and I think that maybe Lucky and Jason will work together to find Manny. I hate how Alexis keeps pushing this abuse angle because I could never see Jason hurting Sam or hurting any woman that he was with. I loved how Carly said she was going to take Emily with her, even if she has to drag Emily out by her hair. It was funny that Carly was going to take Emily somewhere in the middle of nowhere, this should be interesting. I loved how Elizabeth was concerned about Skye and was trying to protect her. I canít believe Manny has Elizabeth now and I hope she will be okay.

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Page updated 8/11/12

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