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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Port Charles


It was great to see Carly and Jax together, they are such a fun pairing and I hope the writers continue to build on this relationship. I really understand why Jason reacted the way he did with Ric, not only was Ric grabbing Sam but he had just come from seeing Sonny and Emily together. I didnít like how Sonny told Ric that he would talk to Jason; Sonny sure does have one set of rules for everyone else and a set of rules for himself. I am glad that we are seeing more of Noah lately and his storyline seems to be picking up speed recently and looks like it will be interesting. Although Carly said she didnít want to be a couple with Jax right now, I do hope that it happens sooner rather than later. I also loved how Carly was thinking about her children, unlike Sonny who only thinks about what he wants and expects everyone else to accept it or move on. I loved seeing Carly with Morgan tonight; it is great to see her with her kids. It was very cute how Jax was telling John how he does like Carly, it was a short scene but very sweet.


It was great seeing Ted King back as Lorenzo today, I do hope he has a great recovery from the surgery and am happy that he has returned. It was funny seeing how he ended up putting the crib together. I canít believe that Alexis made Jax chose between her and Carly, but I am very glad that he decided not to rent to Alexis and Ric. I was disappointed when Luke turned Nikolas down on his offer but am happy that in the end he decided to take Nikolas up on it. It was nice seeing Elizabeth and Jason have a scene together, I would like to see them interact more and although I know it probably wonít happen, I will take what I can get. I noticed how Sam left a book on the table and knew it was going to be used to bring her back at the exact moment Alexis and Ric would walk in. The one thing I didnít think of was how Carly would then have the chance to stop by and how she would end up finding the file, which I think will make things more interesting and more complicated.


I loved the fact that Carly was giving Jason advice about Sam and I think he should really listen to her since she has been there. I wish Sam would just leave Alexis alone because the truth is going to come out more quickly if Sam canít keep her distance. I know the storyline about Alexis and Sam is going to be filled with lots of drama and so I love the comic relief we are getting from Carly. I canít believe the way Sonny is talking to Jason; he never did that before and always treated Jason with respect and more like an equal. I could see the disappointment on Jasonís face when Sonny said that to him. I am surprised that the shooting has happened already, I thought it would be later but am glad to know that Sonny and Jason didnít do it but that doesnít mean they wonít be brought in for questioning or maybe even arrested for it.


I noticed today when we saw Carly coming into the scene with Alexis and Sam that we were seeing it differently than we did yesterday but it did make more sense when she made the comment about Alexis being there with her daughter. I loved how Sam tried to deny that Alexis was her mother when Carly mentioned it to her. I have a bad feeling about Jesse and I do wish that Patrick would have taken Robinís advice because if Jesse doesnít make it then it will look like Patrick did it on purpose. I am really starting to get mad with Sonny, not only is he keeping things from Jason, he is now treating him like Jason has no idea what needs to be done. It was nice seeing Carly and Sam talking about things and the look on Samís face when Carly was saying things, told me that not only is Sam feeling those things Carly is talking about but she is also listening to what she is saying. I canít believe Jason is still having those nightmares and if they donít stop I think it may happen. It was nice to see interaction between Jason and Elizabeth again today and I loved how he did tell her it wasnít her fault (because it wasnít) and that he even told her he wasnít involved. Although we didnít get a lot of Carly and Jax scenes today, it was nice that we got a few of them and it was interesting to see them discussing the topic of biology vs. love because it has to do with not only Carly and Sam but also John.


I thought it was funny that Patrick knew the doctor that Robin brought in but I wasnít at all surprised that he knew her. I canít believe Nikolas, he just canít seem to understand that he canít be near John and the fact that he tried to make it seem like Carly was in the wrong, made me even madder with him. I knew Jesse wasnít going to make it, I understand why some people will think he did it on purpose but I donít think he could ever do something like that. I hate the way that Sonny always tries to buy his kids something to distract them so he can go and be somewhere else, like with Emily. I donít like Emily but I did like the coat she had on today, the color was great. I loved how Carly rushed right over when Michael called and then how she said that it was okay what had happened. I am glad that there was a twist on the dream that Jason had, that it was not him shooting at Emily and Sonny but the fact that he was protecting them, although I am sure somehow Sonny will question him as to why he was there in the first place. It looks like on Monday we are going to get to see some Carly and Jax scenes while Carly is with her kids and I am looking forward to seeing how Jax interacts with her children.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/11/12

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