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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Port Charles


WowÖ..I really hope that Monday is no indication of what is to come for this week because I found only a few moments I enjoyed watching and the rest bored me. Funny enough though, Sam was one of the reasons I enjoyed a bit of todayís episode and it is funny since I normally find her to be okay or to be boring. I loved Samís reaction to finding out that Alexis is her mother and I thought it was great that she couldnít wait to see her reaction when she told her the truth. Although Sam wants to keep it quiet for now, I doubt it will take long for the truth to come out and the latest I could see Alexis and everyone learning the truth would be in May sweeps. I loved Diegoís reaction when Georgie said that Dillonís mom didnít approve of them being married, he looked so shocked, and it was great. I loved how Lorenzo just blurted out that Skye was pregnant, what a perfect way to announce the news and I think that this pregnancy will have some drama. I do hope that the baby does make it; I think Skye would make a great mother.



I thought that the daydream Sam had about saying to Alexis that she was her mother was great, at first I thought she actually said it and couldnít believe that it would come out so soon but then when I saw it was a dream, it made more sense. I couldnít see the writers revealing it already; it doesnít seem to be their style. Although I donít really care for Diego, I did like how Georgie was defending him and I donít think Dillon has any right to tell her who she can or cannot be friends with. When Diego told Georgie the reason he got early parole I didnít think too much into it, until Lorenzo said that someone could retaliate against their family and so now I think that it was a bad, bad move for Diego and should prove to be interesting down the road. I did feel bad for Luke today when Skye told him that she never really loved him but for some reason I still think that there is hope for Luke and Skye, although I donít mind Skye with Lorenzo. It was nice seeing Luke and Lulu sitting together, I like the scenes they have with one another, and they are one of the bright spots of todayís show. I loved the scene that Carly had with Max and Milo, they brought some much needed humor and I love how Max is scared of Carly and how Milo just spills all the information about everything. It was great to see Carly and Jax interacting again today and getting to see another kiss between the two of them was great. I love seeing them together and it made today great for me, when they werenít on Friday or Monday, I was bored and so I was really glad that they were on today. It was funny seeing how Max was trying to figure out what to tell Jason and Milo was telling him that none of the explanations were good. Then when Jason asked if she was okay, Max thought he was off the hook and then when Jason said he wanted a full report, the look on Maxís face was great. As always I loved the Jason and Carly scenes, I love the friendship that they have with one another and seeing them together today was a pleasant surprise.


I almost fell out of my chair when I heard Sam say that she wanted to be a lawyer and the look on Jasonís face mirrored my reaction. I know soaps re-use storylines but I canít believe so soon after the incident with Sonny and Emily in the hallway in their towels that we get to see Georgie and Diego in their towels meeting in the hallway. I loved seeing Carly with Morgan today; he is such a cute kid. I thought it was very creepy seeing Manny so close to Kristina, it seems that lately she has been getting away from everyone. I am such a happy fan because we get to see more of Max and Carly, although I wouldnít want anything romantic to happen between them, the lines they exchange are funny and bring a smile to my face. It was great how Max tried to get away from Carly when she came over to Sonnyís place. I thought it was great that at first Max said he couldnít have a drink and then after Carly started talking to him, he felt this sudden need to have one. I canít believe that Georgie is thinking about not going to school, this is one of the main reasons why Mac didnít want them to get married. It is great to see how scared and nervous Max gets when he is around Carly, he is such a great character. It was great to see his reaction when Carly said she would tell Sonny and everyone that they were having an affair, and then when Max fainted, it made this episode so great and I loved how Carly just looked at him like she couldnít believe that just happened. In the end, of course, Carly got her information and I think it will be worth watching tomorrow to see how Jason reacts to the news. I thought it was unbelievable that Ric asked Jason to kill Manny and if Jason does it then he will regret it because Ric will try and use it against Jason and Sonny.


I am such a happy Carly and Jax fan today, I loved all of the scenes they had today and it was great to see them kiss not just once but twice. I loved the way that Jax and Carly talked about their pasts and how they talked about the way they were feeling about one another. It is going to take some time for me to even get used to the idea of Sam going to law school but I couldnít help but laugh when she started to use all of these legal terms when she was talking to Ric and Alexis. I loved how Max told Sonny how he felt about the situation because it is a tough situation to put someone in. I canít believe that Sonny thought it was okay to have Emily there when he knew that Jason was coming over and of course when Emily was there and she was kissing Sonny and that had to be the moment that Jason arrived. If Jason does see Sonny and Emily it should be interesting but I am not sure that he is going to walk in on them.


I loved Sonnyís reaction when he found out that Alexis was Samís mother, especially when he said it reminded him of an episode of Jerry Springer and Jason didnít know what he was talking about. I loved the fact that we got to see Noah today, he is one of my favorite characters on the show and canít wait for him to get a major storyline. I canít believe how Robin overreacted and thought that Patrick had a bet to sleep with her, she should have just asked him instead of playing games with him. I canít believe that Max fell down the stairs when he saw Jason at the door, glad to see more of Max and loved that Jason said that Max did deserve a raise. I loved-loved Carly and Jax today, their scenes are just fun to watch and they actually have been caring about a couple on the show again. I canít believe the nerve of Sonny that he says that Carly canít be with Jax and that he is the only reason she is showing interest in Jax. I canít believe that Nikolas is judging Carly and Jax for being together after Courtney has just recently died but yet he wasnít even divorced and was with Courtney, he has no right to judge. I loved seeing Alexisís reaction when she found out that Carly was the guardian of Kristina, she looked so mad. Although I am not a fan of Alexis and she has recently been more annoying then usual, I did like the fact that she told Sam that she wonít continue to apologize for what has happened since she has done it already and to me it sounded like a conversation that a mother and daughter would have. I canít wait to see how Jason reacts when Emily tries to explain why she is there (if she lies or tells him the truth) and I wonder if he will think that this is what Carly was going to tell him but then didnít.

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Page updated 8/11/12

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