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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

The Good, The Bad & The Stuff In Between
A Week In Port Charles


I loved seeing Carly and Jax discussing the past that they shared together, like when they were partners before. It was great to see them having a good time together and I love how Carly still keeps mentioning the fact that everything will be better once Jax and John move in next door. It was nice to see Elizabeth trying to be there for Nikolas, even though I donít think anyone can really get through to him. I did like the fact that Michael and Morgan did not see Sonny and Emily together because those kids donít need anymore trauma. When Sonny and Emily were hiding behind the sofa, I couldnít help but laugh, they just looked funny to me hiding from Michael and Morgan. Although I know Alexis went to just pay her respects to Danny, I did love the fact that Jason was standing up for Sam. Then when Ric came and was telling Jason to back off, I couldnít help but laugh since I know that Ric doesnít stand a chance against Jason. I havenít been liking Emily lately but when she was talking with Monica and agreed to go away for the weekend with her, I was actually liking her, although this feeling didnít last long because then Sonny called and Emily said she could cancel her plans. I was disappointed and so the moment of actually liking her is gone again. The search for Samís mother and the search for Alexisís daughter seems to be interesting right now but I think I will reserve my opinion on the storylines involved until everything starts to progress a little bit more.


I thought it was very nice of Elizabeth to tell Jax about the fact that Nikolas has Courtneyís ashes. I loved the way that Max reacted to what Sonny was telling him about Emily and I canít believe the way that Sonny was treating him in that conversation. It was nice seeing Carly and Elizabeth talking about what was going on with Nikolas and Jax, I canít wait to see more scenes with the two of them. I canít believe the nerve of Janine of trying to blackmail Sonny and although it wasnít one of his best moments, I was glad he told her off. I felt bad for Max today, trying to not tell Carly that Sonny is with Emily. Everything with Sonny and Emily today, wasÖ..L, enough said. I loved that Carly got Jax to realize that he should let Nikolas have the ashes since he has John. Carly and Jax are the pairing I am rooting for right now, now I just hope that Robin will stay out of it but I doubt that she will, as is evident in the previews for tomorrow.


I loved seeing Justus and Carly in scenes together, I loved how he was trying to talk her out of what she was going to do, although I donít know why he even bothers since once Carly decides to do something she will do it. I thought it was great how Patrick told Robin to get off her soap box since she is always putting her nose where it doesnít belong. I wish Robin would just leave Jax alone in regards to Carly. I thought it was cute how Jax said that Patrick was smitten with Robin and of course he is right but Robin feels the same way about Patrick. I thought it was really great how Jax said that he would follow Carly anywhere and then when Carly gave Robin that look as she walked away was great. Although I normally donít like Robin, I loved that she just went and kissed Patrick because she wanted to. I hated how Jax thought that Carly was trying to get his hotel from him but I loved when Carly told him what it really was for and he apologized. The scenes with Jax and Carly are fun and I loved how he asked what he could do to make it up to her and she said he could buy the house next door. I canít believe that Michael called Max and wanted him to get a hold of his dad because his mom went out with Jax. I loved when Carly and Jax showed up at Metro-Court and Carly saw Robin and Jax asked if they could just have a civilized evening. As per the previews, it looks like Robin is going to be the first one to overreact and she doesnít stand a chance against Carly. I think Patrick is right, that Robin is jealous of Carly.


I loved how Max said that he couldnít handle Carly and that he needed Jason to help with her. I canít believe how Robin reacted when Carly sent over the champagne. I didnít like how Robin mentioned Carlyís children and that is over the line. I loved how Max said it should be over with easily until he saw that Carly and Jax were dancing and then he said that he would be there awhile. Emily and Sonny were on today and so their scenes are fast-forward material for me. I loved how Max asked Carly to dance, it looked a bit awkward at first but it ended up being a really fun scene. I wish that Robin would mind her own business already; she seems to be obsessed with everything that has to do with Carly. I loved how Carly kissed Jax in front of Max and I canít wait until they kiss for real.


I canít believe that Diego is back, I didnít really like him when he was on but who knows maybe now that he is out of prison, he will have changed and maybe I will like him but I am not holding my breath. It is an Emily and Sonny filled episode today and unfortunately I am watching it live, so I have to mute it while they are on. I think the nightmare Alexis had about Kristina is not going to be the last one she has in regards to the child she gave away. I loved how Sonny wasnít letting Emily in and I wish she would just stop trying. I loved the scenario that Luke gave Tracy about what would have happened if they would have met when they were younger. I loved how Jason said that both he and Sam knew who this person is and then Sam said she would remember someone with that name and Jason said she changed it to Davis, the look on Samís face when she realized that Alexis is her mother was priceless. I think it is going to get more interesting from here and I wonder how long it will take before Alexis and everyone in Port Charles learns about this.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/11/12

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