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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2006 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

Performer Of The Week

Time to pick the performer of the week since it is Wednesday.  My pick this week has to go to Dylan Cash. The reason I picked him as performer of the week has to do with the scenes involving his character Michael and his characterís mom Carly. I thought those scenes were great because we got to see some more emotion from Michael and the talent that Dylan has is obvious in a scene like that. Although I didnít like the way Michael treated his mom, it was nice to see more interaction between Michael and Carly and also between Dylan and Laura. As fans we know that many times characters are recasted, whether it is because the actor wants to leave or the character needs to be aged up. Usually when it comes to child actors you try not to get attached because you know they may be re-casted in order to make the character older, however with Dylan, it is hard not to get attached to him because he is so talented and is a great addition to the cast. I hope that his character doesnít get aged up ever (unlikely) or at least for awhile and that when he does leave General Hospital that we get to see him succeed as an actor in other shows or films.

Todayís Episode

Robin is very transparent, the way she kept saying how much of a dog Patrick is and how Emily would have walked out on her date halfway through. The dream Sam had about her baby and Manny was very weird and I felt sad for her because she lost her child. I didnít like the way Emily put her date in Courtneyís face, although she has had to deal with Nikolas and Courtney, I still didnít think it was right. I canít believe that Jax is trying to get rid of Carly; I thought it was going to be interesting to see them as partners again. I loved the scene between Emily and Patrick at the bar when that guy was trying to push himself on Emily; it was nice to actually enjoy an Emily scene.  The compliment Patrick gave Emily that was also a jab to Robin was funny and he got to the point. I canít believe that Alexis wants to get Jason arrested for trying to kill Manny. I canít believe that Sam is bringing up having a baby already, Jason is right that they donít have to rush into having a child. I canít believe how Nikolas hit Patrick but I think Patrick had it coming by the way he was talking about Emily. It was strange how Carly told Courtney that she should run away from Nikolas and go back to Jax. Whenever Sam and Jason are alone and happy someone has to come and interrupt them, this time it is Jason being arrested for the attempted murder of Manny. I canít believe that Sonny sent Emily flowers, canít the writers just let go of the possibility of a relationship between the two. I thought it was great how Elizabeth and Lucky were out on a date, they deserve it. I liked how Carly went over to ďapologizeĒ to Courtney. I canít believe that Sam hit Alexis, it was great and I was surprised by the previews in which Alexis tells Ric she doesnít want to press charges and Sam says to go ahead and throw away the key.

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Page updated 8/10/12

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