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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2005 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

If I Were In ControlÖ

Every Tuesday I will pick either one or two events that happened last week that if I was writing for General Hospital, I would have done differently.

Last week Courtney and Nikolas opened up the second test results from the paternity test and found out that Jax was the father and had not switched the results from the first one. If I was in control, the first thing that would have been different in the scene would have been Jax, in my scene he would not have even been there and wouldnít have known that there had been a second paternity test. Then when Courtney and Nikolas opened up the test results, they would have discovered that Nikolas was the father and that Jax did indeed switch the results so that he could hang on to both Courtney and the baby. Then, instead of confronting Jax, Courtney and Nikolas would try and figure out how he did it and then when the time was right, they would catch Jax off guard by telling him that they had proof that he is not the father.

I just didnít like the way that Jax was treating Courtney and how he was trying to control her life and I think she would be better without him.

Todayís Episode

I like seeing scenes between Robin and Patrick and am interested in how the writers are going to build a relationship between the two. I canít believe that Emily is at Sonnyís again, she needs to find her own life and maybe even try getting back to her medical career. I think that Carly has reasons to be concerned about all the time that Emily is spending with her children. Robin and Patrick reveal parts of their past to each other. Carly admits to Sonny that she is scared that Emily might be able to replace her. Carly invites Emily to come to a birthday party that she is throwing for Michael. Monica talks to Jason about how Sam is feeling and tries to help him understand what Sam has been going through. The moment Jason and Monica had was very sweet and I loved when she hugged him and the fact that Jason let her do it. I loved how Luke played Courtney by telling her a lie about why Jax gave up part of his hotel to Carly and then he got Jax to give him a job at the hotel because he lied. Emily is now going to be staying at Sonnyís house (not the guest house) because the heat is out. I think it was funny when Emily walked in with soot on her face from the chimney. Alexis, Ric and Kristina go to Metro Court and they run into Carly there. Carly then invites Kristina to Michaelís party and the scene between the two is very cute. I canít believe that Sonny said that Emily looks like a knockout even with soot on her. I canít believe that Alexis is not going to allow Kristina to go to her brotherís birthday party and I hope that Kristina does become closer to Carly because that will bother Alexis. Kristina looked so sad when she knew she wasnít going to the party and I liked how she asked Alexis why she didnít like her (Kristinaís) brother. I loved how Carly and Robin were going at it and Patrick finds out that Robin is HIV positive because Carly mentioned it while she was arguing with Robin. My eyes, my eye...when Sonny was walking in the hallway in his towel and he ran into Emily (who was also in a towel), the way she looked at him made me cover my eyes. I have never wanted a couple not to be together as much as I donít want Sonny with Emily. The previews show that Emily is locked out of her room and so Sonny goes to help her and gets really close to her. The look on Emilyís face when he got close to her, made me happy that it was the end of the episode but sad because it will be on tomorrowís episode.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/12/12

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