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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2005 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

Missed Something Last Week?

Starting this week, Mondayís will be when I give my recap of the week before on General Hospital. Unlike other recaps, this one will only include the general details of the week that I loved or hated.


Loved - That we still donít know what secret Jax is hiding. When Max brought his brother to work for Sonny and Sonny said he didnít think he could intimidate the mailman. When Kristina made the bang bang noise and you saw how scared Alexis was that her daughter was making that sound. When Sonny asked Patrick to kill Manny on the operating table.

Hated - That the paternity test proved that Jax was the father of Courtneyís baby. When Jax started to attack Courtney and then said he wants to control whatever she does. That Sonny talked about actually being able to fall for Emily.


Loved- When Emily and Carly were going at it in the elevator and how Carly warned Emily about what would happen if she ended up with Sonny, either dead or broken. How Ric thought he and Jason were competing over being closer to Sonny. When Carly was flirting and trying to bribe Max to take her to Sonnyís house.

Hated - When Emily came back to Sonnyís house, so she could tuck in the boys.


Loved - When Justus and Sonny were talking on the couch about how Justus was falling for Dr.Winters. The flashback that Carly had of a Christmas she shared with Sonny and her boys.

Hated - When the doctor threatened to keep Carly from her kids if she signed herself out of Rose Lawn. When Michael asked Emily to spend Christmas with them and when Carly thought she could be replaced. The way that Emily, Sonny and Michael ignored Courtney and how Emily and Sonny were smiling at each other when they were by the Christmas tree.


Loved - When Lulu decided to be a part of the Christmas event at the hospital after she eavesdropped on Lukeís conversation. That Kristina covered her eyes, while Alexis and Ric were kissing.

Hated - That Alexis, Ric and Kristina were looking for the Christmas tree in the forest while Alexis was working on Mannyís case.


Loved - The scene when Lucky brought the toy home for Cameron and was so happy that he got his hands on the last one in the store. The Christmas scene at the hospital is a nice tradition and is always fun to watch. That Carly got to be with her kids for Christmas and that Kristina told Sonny that she loved him. The end of the episode where they played the music and showed everyone enjoying the holiday. When Max brought the tree over from Sonnyís house.

Hated - That Emily was the reason that Carly got out of Rose Lawn.

Todayís Episode

Whenever characters talk about another person, that person usually walks in on them. This happened twice in the first minute, once when Patrick walked in on Robin when she was changing and talking about him and then when Ric was talking to Manny about Alexis and then Alexis walked in. Then when Sam was telling Jason how she couldnít believe Alexis was defending Manny, Alexis then walks into Jasonísí room. I didnít like how Lulu grabbed Diegoís letter to Georgie; she is still as annoying as ever. I donít think that Dylan had any right to tell Georgie what she can or cannot read. I canít believe the nerve of Emily, she called Carly selfish because she didnít invite Sonny to spend time with her and the boys for Christmas but everyone has been telling Carly not to be dependant on Sonny and when she isnít dependant on him, they reprimand her for it. Patrick then questions Robin about why she doesnít date; he does not know that she is HIV positive. Sonny tells Carly that she has to move from her new house because of security issues and then Lorenzo walks in and he also says she needs security. Durant is now going to handle the case against Mannyís case and wants Alexis to throw the case, so justice can be served. Jason is going to be released from the hospital as soon as his paperwork is finished. Creepy dream, creepy dream, creepy dreamÖ.that is what I thought about the dream Emily had about Sonny. Itís good to see scenes with Sonny, Carly and Lorenzo again and I am glad that Carly told both of her ex-husbands to stop making decisions for her because she is capable of doing it for herself. Wow, it was really great that today in the episode, Alexis mentioned the case from Pine Valley of Jonathan Lavery and how he was a law abiding citizen after having a similar surgery as Manny. I thought it was great because I also watch that show and so it was a nice surprise because I noticed the similarities and am glad that General Hospital recognized it in their storyline, since both shows are on ABC. Emily walks in as Sonny asks Ric if he could have time alone with Manny, no matter what the verdict is and Emily says he shouldnít kill Manny. Carly runs into Manny on her way to Jasonís room and doesnít believe that he is better. I canít believe that Alexis compared Carly to Manny, what a low blow. Hopefully, since I think Manny is faking it, he escapes because I am not looking forward to yet another trial.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/12/12

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