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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2005 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

My Favorites in GH Right Now

I always have favorite people and/or storylines and since it is Christmas, I wanted to give a list of my top 3 things going on right now. 

#1  –Carly has returned: After all the storylines that have been revolving around her breakdown, it is nice to see that the old Carly is back. Even though she is still in Rose Lawn, Carly has already gotten control over shares of ELQ and then she used that to get a partnership in Jax’s hotel. I know that there will only be more of the old Carly to come in the future on General Hospital.

#2  –Jason’s surgery: Although this storyline has gone on for awhile now, Jason had finally gotten the surgery that he needs to get better. This storyline allowed for the return of Robin Scorpio and Noah Drake and unlike some other storylines that get dragged on for so long (and feel like they have been going on forever), this storyline has been interesting, didn’t seem to drag on and allowed for a variety of characters to interact with one another.

#3  – Jax’s secret: This storyline has just started but when we thought we knew what the secret was (Jax switched the paternity test), the writers surprised us (he didn’t do it) and it actually makes me want to know what the secret is even more. The secret must be pretty big if Jax is willing to give up half of his hotel to Carly, who he has done business with before and regretted it afterwards. However, I do hope that Carly finds out the secret too (not just having Luke know) but I hope that it isn’t a secret for too long because that storyline could get old fast.

Today’s Episode

Since it was Alexis’s idea about going to get the tree, you would think that she would be more involved with it. I know that she has to defend Manny and since she has to, why wouldn’t she just go and get a tree from the tree lot, like Ric suggested. Robin seems to expect that since she is back that whenever she asks Jason for help, that he is going to go and do anything she needs, maybe she thinks if Carly can do it, so can she. I think that Jax is the reason that Nikolas has to be away from Courtney during the holidays because with Nikolas gone, Jax has a chance to work on Courtney and get her to see that they belong together. I can’t believe how selfish Lulu was when she was asked to help out at the hospital and when she said she wouldn’t do it, I disliked her character even more. However, I was glad to see that after eavesdropping on her dad’s conversation that she decided to do it. It seems like today, as soon as Jason and Sam kissed that there was a magnet that brought people into their room, first it was Robin and then Michael and Emily. It was so sad to see how much Michael needed Jason home for Christmas, since his mom can’t be there with him. I wonder what Jason will say in regards to Manny, is he telling the truth or is he faking it. I thought it was very cute when Kristina covered her eyes as Ric and Alexis were kissing. The best Jax scenes recently have to be today when he was pretending to be drunk when he was at Courtney’s place. I can’t believe how the lawyer “forgot” to mention to Jason and Sam that the real reason that Alexis is defending Manny is because she was forced into doing so. I wonder who the guy Dr. Winters was with, it looked like she was at Rose Lawn and I am thinking that maybe the man she was with was her father. I can’t believe that Emily went to Rose Lawn to get Carly released; I think she did it not only for Michael but so she could also score some points with Sonny. As long as Carly is with her boys for Christmas, I will think about Emily’s true motives later on.

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Page updated 8/12/12

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