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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2005 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

Best Friend

Jason Morgan has always been one of my favorite characters and he seems to be the favorite person in Port Charles because everyone goes to him when they need help. Jason works for Sonny and is his best friend; he helps Sonny out with work and family problems. Jason also has a strong bond with Sonny’s ex-wife Carly and they are my favorite example of friendship on the show. Whenever Carly gets into trouble, Jason is there to help her get out of it and the scenes with the two of them are never boring. I like the fact that Jason is the character who is able to have scenes with a variety of different characters that may not normally interact with each other, from Lucky and Durant, to Emily and Monica, to Carly and Sonny. I always love when there is a character that has the ability to be in a scene with different people and for the scene to make sense and not look out of place. Jason has been involved with a few different women but my favorite pairings were when he was with Brenda (even though they weren’t in love it was fun to watch) and now when he is with Sam because she is able to understand his work and still be able to be with him. I would love for Jason to be involved with Carly but I wouldn’t want to take a chance that they would not be friends afterwards, so unless the writers at General Hospital would keep Jason and Carly together forever, I would rather not even go down that road.

Today’s Episode

It didn’t seem at all realistic that just as Jax was walking in, that Courtney would fall back and he would be there just in time to catch her. If Carly wants something, she will get it and I am glad that Carly figured out that since she signed herself in, she can sign herself out of Rose Lawn. I can’t believe that the doctor threatened to keep Carly from her kids if she decided to sign herself out, if any of these doctors knew how Carly was before her breakdown, they would have let her out a long time ago. I loved when Justus and Sonny were talking about how he was falling for Dr. Winters, the way that Justus smiled when he talked about her was very sweet. Why did Michael have to go and ask Emily to spend Christmas with them, I thought we had finally gotten her out of there. Now since Sonny won’t let Courtney bring Nikolas, she will probably not be there to stop anything that might happen between Sonny and Emily. I felt sad for Carly when she was talking about how she thought Emily could replace her in the eyes of her children. I can’t believe the way that Sonny treated Courtney and the way that Sonny, Emily and Michael ignored her made me remember the time when everyone abandoned Carly, which was at the start of the breakdown storyline. I loved the flashback that Carly had of a Christmas she shared with Sonny, Michael and Morgan; it showed Carly and Sonny at their best. I just wanted to scream when I saw Emily and Sonny smiling at each other when they were looking at the Christmas tree and then when they showed the picture of Carly with Sonny, Michael and Morgan, it just felt wrong that Emily was with Carly’s family at Christmas. If Christmas miracles existed in soap operas, then the writers would stop this Sonny and Emily non-sense.

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Page updated 8/12/12

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