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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2005 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

Mr. & Mrs.

Alan and Monica Quartermaine can only be described as a unique couple, there have been affairs, betrayals and love, yet they still remain married to each other. I have never liked Alan, to me he seemed like someone who was very hard to please and who had very high standards for his children. One of the reasons I disliked him the most was the way he treated his son Jason, ever since Jason had his accident and went to work for Sonny, Alan has been very critical of his son. I like the fact that the writers decided to have Jason and Alan have that moment in the hospital because it allowed them to try and rebuild some type of relationship without having Jason abandon his work for Sonny. Although Monica has not been thrilled by Jasonís work, she has been there for Jason more than Alan. I love the fact that Monica has helped Jason in the past; she has even helped him when he was hurt and could not go to the hospital. It will be interesting to see if Alan and Monica will continue to have a better relationship with Jason even after he decides to go back to work when he is feeling better. Alan and Monica have never been my favorite characters but hopefully the writers will be able to change my mind about them.

Todayís Episode

So it is official, the second test proves that Jax is the father of the baby and so it makes me wonder what else Jax could be hiding. I am glad that Emily finally moved out but I think that since she is no longer living with Sonny, that she will become closer to him then before. I thought it was funny when Max brought his brother to work for Sonny and Sonny didnít think he could intimidate the mailman. How many doctors do they need to examine Manny when he first came into the hospital, well it seems like they need 3 of them because Patrick, Noah and Robin were all hovering over Manny when he was first brought in. I loved when Sonny asked Alexis to watch the kids while he went to the hospital; it was very unexpected but enjoyable. When Kristina made the bang-bang noise to Alexis, the expression on her face was priceless and it was like she saw that Kristina could possibly end up doing what Sonny does for a living. I canít believe that Sonny is actually talking about falling for Emily and the fact that it doesnít seem strange to him is what really makes me wonder what he looks for in a woman. I didnít like the fact that Jax started to attack Courtney about how she didnít tell Jason that she was pregnant and the fact that men are interchangeable for her, he sure knows how to treat the mother of his child. Jax loves to have control over everything and I canít believe he is trying to decide everything that Courtney can or cannot do in regards to her own life. I loved the scene with Michael when he stood on top of the table and told Jax, Courtney and Nikolas to take it outside because there were kids in the room. When Max laughed at this, I laughed too because it was very cute. I know Jason stopped Sam from killing Manny because he didnít want her to have blood on her hands but I wish he would have let her finish Manny off because Manny needs to just go away, he is the character that always keeps going no matter what is done to him. Wow Patrick, you have only been in Port Charles for a short amount of time and yet you have already been approached by Sonny to do a favor for him. Although Patrick told Sonny no, I wonder how long it will be before Patrick is doing favors for Sonny on a regular basis.

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Page updated 8/12/12

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