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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2005 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

This Weeks Hits And Misses

As another General Hospital week comes to an end, I thought it was a good time to look back on the week and give what I thought was a hit and what was a miss.  Let’s start off with what I thought was miss this week and at the top of my list was the scene where Emily was comforting Sonny in the hospital. The reason I deemed it to be a miss is because I think the whole Emily and Sonny “relationship” is just not worth watching. Another miss for me is the trial and this is because I am not a fan of the character Diego and do not have a vested interest in what happens to him as a result of his crimes. If I am a fan of the person who is accused, I can stand the days and days of trial scenes (even then I still find it a bit much) but if I am not a fan, I cannot tolerate the trial. When Lulu used the evidence board to portray her family, I saw that as a BIG miss and that is because she was again complaining about her life and that is getting old really fast.

A hit this week was when Manny held Carly as his hostage and the reason I thought this was great, was because it brought some action to the day and showed Carly like she was before her breakdown. Another hit was the Christmas scene when Sam, Sonny, Carly and Emily brought in Christmas stuff for Jason. I gave this the title of a hit because it was fun to watch and it was great to see the characters having fun together. I loved the fact that Jason and Alan were able to put some of their past differences aside, it was a hit because it seemed natural and they didn’t just pretend that everything was fine but that they could work towards having a better relationship. Another hit was when Sonny called Carly his wife and it was a hit just for the simple fact that it was great to see Sonny (and not Carly) still stuck in the past. The writers gave us another hit when they had Patrick question what Jason does for a living because it never seems like anyone new gives it a second thought and the fact that he was surprised by it, made it even better.

Today’s Episode

Couldn’t Lucky and Elizabeth have found a better place to discuss the fact that he was going to go back to work than in front of Manny. Of course they couldn’t because discussing their life is more important than taking care of Manny, someone who has caused a lot of pain in Port Charles. Emily did not do a good job at making Jason believe she is not in love with Sonny, the way she talked about Sonny didn’t make it seem like Carly was lying but that what Carly was saying was true. Emily is making herself at home with Sonny and this was shown to us today when we saw Carly move things on a table and then we later saw Emily move them back. However, Jason told Carly that she is the only one who believes Emily is in love with Sonny, so who knows if Jason thinks it is true or not. Of course, out of all the times Jason and Sam could go for a walk around the hospital, it had to be when Manny was being escorted out of the hospital. I loved the scene with Luke, Carly and Jax today, it was fun and I look forward to seeing how Carly will make Jax’s life unbearable. I wonder what the test results are going to prove, did Jax actually switch the test results or is he telling the truth. If he isn’t lying about that, then what is Luke holding over his head that would make him give Carly half of his hotel? This question hopefully will be answered on Monday.

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Page updated 8/12/12

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