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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2005 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

What’s Old Is New Again

I am glad to see that General Hospital is welcoming back some old faces to Port Charles. The reason why I said what is old is new again is because although the characters have been on General Hospital before, this is the first time I have seen them on the show. The two characters I am referring to are Robin Scorpio and Noah Drake, who have both returned to the show in connection with the Jason medical storyline. While the character of Robin is set to stay on the canvas of General Hospital for the long-term (I believe that Kimberly McCullough’s contract is for about 3 years), the appearance of Noah is currently a short-term stint (Rick Springfield’s contract, I believe, is set for about 11 episodes) and I do hope his appearance will be extended. As a fan of General Hospital, it is nice to see faces that have been mentioned sometime since I have started watching but who I have never seen in action. With all the recent recasts and firings, I am glad to see the show is bringing back some old faces instead of just continuously bringing in new people who are miraculously connected to some Port Charles resident. I like the character of Robin but I hope they don’t turn her into this bitter person because she used to be involved with Jason and is still in love with him. I also hope that we can see her interact with other characters besides Jason, Sam, Sonny, Carly, Noah and Patrick. I know she was brought in for that storyline but whenever she is shown interacting with those characters, it seems to bring out issues related to her love for Jason and I think she has more going on with her life than that. I love the character of Noah and so I hope that Rick Springfield decides to stay around longer and that General Hospital wants him to stick around.

Today’s Episode

I love the fact that Sam told off Patrick today, he needs someone to deflate that big ego of his soon or it will take up the whole screen. Wow Emily, you really looked flustered today when you were talking about Sonny with Jax and if Jax can see that you are falling for Sonny who is going to be next to figure this out. I think the rock-paper-scissor scene between Jason and Sam was very cute and it is great to see them happy. I am glad that Lorenzo has decided not to cover up the crime Diego committed but I am not looking forward to all the scenes connected to the trial. Today again proved why I think the character of Robin needs to be in scenes away from Jason and those who are close to him. Robin looked like a love struck teenager when she brought the meal to Jason. I loved, loved, loved when Patrick again called Robin on her still harboring feelings for Jason but it is obvious (with their continuing dislike for one another) that at some point Robin and Patrick are going to be involved. The best scene today was the scene between Justus, Dr. Winters and Carly, the reason why I loved this scene so much was because of the expression on Carly’s face when Justus and Dr. Winters were talking. I laughed out loud because you could see that Carly’s face was telling them to just get a room. It was sad to see the disappointment on Lorenzo’s face when he was in the courtroom and turned around to see Carly, only to discover she wasn’t there. In the previews they showed Jason getting mad at Carly and although I know Jason has the right to be mad at Carly for barging into his room, I do think he was a bit harsh with her. I wonder how much longer they are going to keep this Rose Lawn storyline going, since it seems like Carly is spending more time out of Rose Lawn then she spends in there. Hopefully she gets out before Christmas because I would love to see the scheme she comes up for the holidays because nobody does Christmas and scheming better than Carly.

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Page updated 8/12/12

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