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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2005 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Christina

Carly Fan For Life

General Hospital really embodies the saying that change is good, at least in regards to the character of Carly Corinthos-Alcazar, who has been played by four different women. I have had the opportunity to watch Sarah Brown, Tamara Braun, Jennifer Bransford and Laura Wright take on the role of Carly. Although Sarah Brown originated the role and Jennifer Bransford wasn’t on for that long and Laura Wright just started, I still have to say that Tamara Braun truly is and will always be my favorite Carly. I don’t know why I was drawn to the character of Carly but there is just something about her that intrigues you and makes you want to stand up for her no matter what crazy scheme she comes up with. No matter who plays the role of Carly, she will always be my favorite character on General Hospital.

I love the relationships that Carly has with the men in her life. First, there is Sonny, the father of her children and the man she has gone back to more times then one can count. However, at the moment they are “officially over” and will never start a relationship with one another again, I wonder how long this break-up will actually last this time. For a true blue Carly and Sonny fan, I have to say if they are going to get together again, it had better be for good. However, if they are going to be involved with one another to just break up a few months or years later, I would rather they not go down that path again because there are only so many times you can watch this happen. Secondly, there is Jason, who is the best friend a girl could ask for and who would be there to help pick up the pieces. Carly and Jason have been through a lot together, the most recent event of being trapped in a hole after the train collision. Through it all you can see how much they care for one another and it sometimes makes you wish they would be a couple but then you don’t want that to ruin the friendship they have which is what you love about them. So I guess that although I would love Carly and Jason to be in love and happy, I would never what to risk the best friendship I have ever seen on a soap opera, congrats to the writers of General Hospital for this friendship. Most recently, the third most important relationship for Carly has been with soon to be ex-husband Lorenzo Alcazar. I did think that this marriage between Carly and Alcazar would last because he did respect Carly as an individual and never wanted her to settle for second best. This was not the conclusion as they are now going to divorce but there has been room for a reunion left for us fans because Lorenzo has told Carly that he wants to have another chance to be with her. So there is still hope that they can rekindle the love they had before they got married the first time.

Today’s Episode

When I watched General Hospital today, I was both excited and revolted during the space of forty-five minutes. First lets talk about what revolted me in today’s episode, the scenes between Emily and Sonny, they were just plain wrong. Sonny is way too old for Emily and I think the storyline that is hinting at a possible relationship between them is the worst thing I have seen in a long time. It’s not that I don’t think that both Sonny and Emily don’t deserve to move one (they do) but just not with each other, are there no other available women Sonny’s age and men closer to Emily’s age that they could be involved with after their recent break-ups. I usually enjoy both Emily and Sonny scenes but after these continuous hints of there being something more between them, I find myself either fast-forwarding their scenes (when I have taped it) or am wishing that I was taping it so I wouldn’t have to sit through the scene. I do hope the writers reconsider this new General Hospital relationship. I did find it exciting when it was Carly who was the first to discover that it was Manny in the room where Jason was having his surgery. Although some people may say it was crazy for her to do it (like Sam), I think it was great and is showing the fans that the old Carly is back. I am also glad that Carly revealed that she still loved Sonny but that she knew there was no way for them to work as a couple. I think that Luke should watch out that he too does not end up added to the list of people that Carly has double-crossed because she is back and is a force to be reckoned with in Port Charles.

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Page updated 8/12/12

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