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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2005 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

GH has so many problems

Written 8/20/05 by Suzanne

GH is my favorite soap, but sometimes I get so mad at the way it has been ruined.  Some days I really love it when it is exciting and good stuff is going on.  I don't mind the action, but it is like a cartoon because you know the roadrunner (Sonny) is always going to live, no matter how many anvils they drop on him.  They only do the violence for shock value and nothing else.

There are some things I like: Justus and this new doctor. Luke and Tracy. Jason and Sam. Elizabeth and Lucky. The Emily/Nikolas/Courtney/Jax mess, and Courtney being pregnant. Lorenzo (with anyone). And I'm looking forward to see how the new Carly works out. I like that Ric seems to be jealous again, but I don't like that they have broken him and Alexis up.

I'm afraid the rest of this article is about things I don't like. I hate that they are getting rid of Reese. Finally, Sonny has a woman who is pretty much his equal (as much as Sonny ever has an equal on this show). She is tough, she has law enforcement training and background, she has been through a lot, she has been there for him, and she even shared gunfire with him against some other mobsters. What a great relationship they have. But they had to ruin it all by making her sleep with Ric and then not tell Sonny, so of course they have to write her out. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I didn't like Reese at first, but I have grown to love her. Also, she has great chemistry with everyone, including Ric and Michael.

It appears that they are going with Sonny and Emily for now. UGH. This is gross in so many ways. First of all, I have never been a big fan of Emily (especially since the recast). Secondly, she's way too young for him. She would have been too young before, but now that Sonny is starting to show his age, it's even worse. She is Jason's sister, and Sonny is always saying Jason is his brother, so there's an added creep factor there. The fans are against this pairing. They have even given them a nickname to show their displeasure: SoIly. Does anyone think this is a GOOD thing? I doubt it. I read that Maurice is in favorite it. So what? He is not a writer, and they should not indulge him in this way. Somebody please put a stop to this now! Hey, why not pair Emily and Dillon? They're not technically related. It would be just as creepy....

I don't like Diego being the stalker, either. It is totally out of left field and out of character. He is not my favorite actor, true, and I won't really be sorry for him to leave (because you know eventually they will catch him and so he will either go to jail, die, or be sent off somewhere by Lorenzo). I just hate when they make a character one way and then change it. They do that a lot on this show. Don't they know that fans like consistency? If you want to change a character, have them evolve gradually because of influences in their lives, not just change overnight. It never works!

GH used to be a character-driven show, but somewhere along the way, it changed to a story-driven show. That would be okay, if they did it the right way, the way Y&R does it. You don't have to sacrifice the characters or the history of the show just for the sake of this week's story, and Y&R proves that every day.

I don't buy Lucas as being gay, either. Again, it comes out of nowhere. It might help if Ryan Carnes were still playing him, but with a new guy here, I don't even CARE. All right, the teen has been recast constantly for years and then Ryan Carnes sort of disappeared for a while, but now that he has been back, it would have been better if he had been the one to "come out". Instead, we get this newbie that we don't recognize, telling us he came out. Who the hell cares? I sure don't. It makes no sense, anyway. It was just a few years ago that he was chasing Maxie. Hard to believe that was all just a big show to cover up his being gay. Teens don't just decide they are gay; they know it for a long time. This is just as inconsistent as Diego and everyone else whose characters they have changed.

It would have made more sense if Diego had been the one to be gay. Why should anyone care if Lucas is gay? His father is a doctor and his mother is an ex-hooker. Big shock, so what? I'm sure neither Tony nor Bobbie nor Luke would have any troubel with Lucas being gay. Not that we will probably see much of either of them. On the other hand, imagine how macho Lorenzo might handle it if his son were to come out as gay. THAT would be worth watching. Brook Lynn would be going, oh, okay, now I see why you turned me down...that is much more realistic, too. They could bring back Maria, Diego's mother, and see how she reacts, too. There would be more guilt for both her and Lorenzo for not being there for Diego when they needed him.

This whole stalker storyline has been stupid, anyway. Leaving aside that Jesse playing junior cop with Maxie and no real backup is stupid enough...None of us thought it was Dillon, period. So it had to be either Lucas, Diego, or minor character Seth. Once we heard the rumors about Lucas being gay, we knew it wasn't him. Having it be Seth would be too obvious. So it had to be Diego at that point. I find it hard to believe that he would just snap after finding his cousin's diary. He didn't even know her, yet he did know Brook Lynn, so it makes no sense that he would hold that against Brook without even asking her about Sage. Stupid!!

It makes no sense that Skye would hook up with Lorenzo, either. She dumped Luke a while back because he was too dangerous. So she takes up with a mobster?? Come on!! Ridiculous. And she knows he's in love with Carly so it's just self-destructive. That, at least, is consistent with Skye's character, but you'd think someone might have pointed out by now that it is a bad idea. It is believable, however, that she would dump Luke, since he keeps running off on her. But anyway, this is the same thing they did with Ned a few years back. He hated Sonny for being a mobster, and then a little while later he teamed up with Faith against Sonny. That made no sense, since Faith was a mobster, too.

Where is Ned, by the way? Or Edward? Anyone know?? We only see Alan or Monica when they pop in to lecture their kids or work on a patient. Are they still getting divorced? That sure is taking a long time.  I really miss Lois, too. I am glad they are using Brook Lynn, but it sure seems like they are missing the bet by now having her parents involved in her life, especially now that she has been a target for the stalker.  Her music career just vanished, too, which makes no sense since her parents own a record company.  We could say the same thing about Felicia and Mac, whom we barely see.  And why hasn't Bobbie been around or visited Carly in the mental home? She may have, but we sure don't see it.  People don't exist in a vacuum.  They should be using this history and these characters to further not only the plot but the other characters. 

I'm glad they are bringing back Robin, but I fear they will ruin her character, too. It would be nice if they brought back Robert and Anna, too, as long as they are strong and moral, and not corrupted, or made ineffectual (like Mac).

I have a solution to all of the problems. Guiding Light has been sinking in the ratings. Why don't they hire Maurice Benard and Bob Guza away from ABC? Their ratings will skyrocket as all of the Maurice fans follow him to that show. He can be the new Danny. Then they can get some real writers on GH and bring back the hospital and all of the real characters there. Not that I blame Maurice; he's just an actor, doing his job the best he can. I love him, too. I just don't like how the writers focus so much on the mob stuff and ignore the hospital stuff. Otherwise they should just change the name of the show to Daytime Sopranos or something.

I used to say that people who talked that way were nuts because the show was not really about mob stuff. It was more about Sonny's romances with Brenda, Carly, Jason, et al. Luis hated Sonny because of Brenda. Kristina was killed because of Luis' hating Sonny, not for mob reasons. Alexis hated Sonny for that and because he spurned her. Lorenzo hated Sonny because of Carly. Ric hated Sonny because of their mother. Heck, even Faith hated Sonny because he killed her husband. The motivations all came out of romance and family relationship, not mob ties.  The mob stuff was all peripheral, and that was fine with me. Sonny hardly ever had a gun so it was easy to forget who he was and what he did. Now it's all about mob wars, shooting, etc. That is not good. Daytime viewers are still mostly female and guess what: we don't want all this violence and mob stuff. Bring back the romance, bring back the hospital, and bring back the Quartermaines, Scorpios, Joneses and Spencers.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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