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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2003 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Kelly

Week of October 27, 2003

LINE of the WEEK:
Faith to Sonny: "Shut-up!"
Sonny to Faith: "You shut- up!"

What are these two? Little girls? You shut up, no you shut up.

I think its really sad that Carly has had no interaction with the son that she has been working to keep safe for so long. She suffered so much (a little to much if you ask me) and now she has been shot in the head. Isn't it crucial for the child to be with his mother the first few hours after he is born? I hope it doesn't ruin him in the long run. It would really be a pity. And didn't Sonny try to do everything to protect this baby from dying? So why is he rarely home with Morgan? Doesn't he still need to protect him, even though he is now out of the womb?

I love that the writers are giving such an amazing role to Faith. It's about time that they gave such a great part to a woman. I loved how she took control too. She tried to let the others let her into the mob without killing, but they just didn't listen so she took control. The whole scene with everyone being shot and Faith telling Sonny that Jason and the others were dead totally kicked some serious butt!

Where were Michael and Morgan when Courtney went to the warehouse to see if Jason was dead? Did she just leave them there, figuring that they wouldn't wake up? That's not very responsible now, is it?

What is going on with Carly and her dreams about Alcazar? Is she going to go to him when she gets out of this coma? At first the dreams were okay, but now they are beginning to be too much and really annoying. I kind of hope that she goes back to Sonny, but I wouldn't mind it if she ended up with Alcazar.

Well, that's all for this week.

Emily and Nikolas will make love.
Liz and Ric will become an item again.
Someone will try to kill Alexis.
Faith will become the Mob Queen and no one will argue.
Courtney and Jason will have problems in their marriage.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/14/12

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