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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2003 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

GH Opinion by Melissa Dann

I want Courtney to stop driving! If I see another car crash on that show, Iím going to lose it. She needs to get on a bicycle instead and take a long bike ride far, far away. Iím tired of her. She is pretty useless. She just messes things up and doesnít use her head.

And Iíve never had a baby before, so maybe I shouldnít be commenting on it, but Carlyís screeching and screaming and wailing while she was in labor was a bit over the top. Alcazar shouldíve shoved a sock in her mouth. And Sonny? The manís crazy. He just shoots Alcazar without thinking he just might hit his wife and unborn son. Sonny needs some therapy and needs to work on his aim. I was appalled when he just shot at Alcazar without a second thought.

I used to want Emily and Nic together, but now Iím not so sure. These two guys are willing and eager to wait around for her to decide, and she says she wonít decide! Whatís up with that? Any guy with some self-respect would be gone by now. She loves them both. Well, good for her. She has to decide. Zander did leave but is back for more. How can they both be okay with this? Itís absurd to me. I think they both need to find themselves new women to go after. Especially since Emily just suddenly decided she wants to go to med school and the next 10 years of her life will be booked up. Guys, get a clue and move on.

Thatís my rant for now.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/14/12

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