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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2003 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Kelly

Week of September 1, 2003

LINE of the WEEK:

Dillon (to Georgie about Alcazar): "I don't care how scary he is. That guy is so cool."

Who hit Elizabeth? Was it Courtney? It could be. Was it Ric? It could be. Was it Faith? It definitely could be! Everyone seems to think it is Faith, and believe me, I'm not sure it isn't, but it just seems so obvious that it would be Faith, that I don't really think it was her. Logically, it should be her, but something tells me it isn't. I, personally, think it was Courtney, but that may just be my strong dislike for the woman shining through. Well, no matter who did it, the story will be good.

I cannot believe how dumb Courtney is acting right now! God forbid Liz and Jason should… dare I say it? HUG!! Their sister and best friend was on her deathbed! I'm sure it's just the drugs making her do this, but still. Jason trusts her, and she should trust him. He would never do anything to harm her. Then, if Jason doesn't have enough to deal with already, he comes upon Jason at the park and gives him heck. What was Ric doing at the park anyway? He was able to see Carly, Elizabeth, Jason and Courtney. Speaking of which, what are Carly and Courtney doing out at the park at night without bodyguards? Those stupid bodyguards are never anywhere they are needed!

My favourite part of the week had to be when Sonny and Carly were seeing their baby on the screen for the first time since Carly was kidnapped. It was so sweet when they were hugging and bonding over their little boy. I guess Carl was right all along. The only thing that ruined it was when Sonny was telling Jason that he didn't think this baby would be born. He needs to have some faith! I can see why he would think that the baby would die, because of the loss of his other children, but still! This child has gone through so much! Nothing can bring it down!

I'm so glad that Emily isn't going to die anymore! The only thing left to do id claim her love for Nikolas. I know that Zander's heart will break, but isn't it obvious that Nik and Em were meant for each other? He saved her at the brink of death by a simple kiss! This story line is beginning to get old.


Elizabeth, who by the way, has been in the Hospital more in the past month than I can count, will receiving devastating news from the accident. Georgie and Dillon will have relationship problems. Lily will return to cause problems in Sonny and Carly's marriage. Alkazar will have sent her. Ric will be put into jail for hitting Liz.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/14/12

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