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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2003 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

G.H. Commentary by Kelly

Week of August 25, 2003

LINE of the WEEK: Faith to Ric: "I will make you scream so loud the devil himself will cover his ears. Then I will kill you myself." Go Cyndy! :)

I can't believe that Emily is going to die. For so many weeks I have been saying that she can't possibly die, but now, after all of the sad goodbyes, I'm having second thoughts. It all started with Nikolas. When she told him to learn to like Lydia, I realized that we may not be seeing much more of Emily. The only thing that is throwing me for a loop is the fact that none of the magazines I have read have mentioned anything to do with the exiting of Natalia Livingston. I hope that Emily doesn't die. It will break too many hearts. After Elizabeth did her up for the wedding, I thought that she looked so cute, just like a little child. Well, at least if she does die, the funeral home won't have to do her up. Ok, that was not funny. I do not want her to die! It feels like she just came back. Next week cannot come fast enough!

I'm not too sure if Em will even end up marrying Zander. She's broken his heart so many times before, and if she wasn't dying, I would probably be really mad that she turned him down for Nikolas, but I guess I'm just feeling really bad for her and Nikolas and Zander, and I want what I the best for everyone. God I hope she doesn't die. I have to tell myself that it is just a soap opera. J

I am so sick of Carly and Sonny! Enough of the mob and enough of the arguing! My God! Carly ha only been back a week and all she and Sonny can seem to do is argue argue argue! Enough already! So what if Alcazar likes Carly. The only thing that matters is that Carly doesn't like him.

Why is Courtney mad at Jason? She's the one who lied to him. She's the one who didn't tell him about the baby or the miscarriage until too late. She's the one who betrayed him. All he did was try and comfort her and stay out of her way, but noooo she has to get mad at him for not yelling at her. I would love to give that girl a piece of my mind!

Faith really needs to give Ric a good, hard slap in the face! He is totally using her and being a huge jerk about it at the same time! Doesn't he realize that she loves him and would do anything for him? I really hated it when he used foul words when Scotty walked into the hideout place. He is so rude! After everything she's been doing for him, too.

I couldn't believe that when Nikolas pulled his arm away from Lydia, that she actually fell to the floor unconscious! That was one of the most unbelievable things I have ever seen. She must be really light for what Nikolas did to make her fall!

Was anybody else laughing at Dillon's new haircut? I couldn't believe it was he! Now, I realize that his old hair- do was a little, uh, how do I say this nicely? NUTS, but why so formal now! I miss the old Dillon. His hair was his signature! Maybe it will grow back fast!

PREDICTIONS Emily will marry Zander. Ned will be put into jail. Jason and Courtney will make up and one day be able to have children again. Emily will die. --

"What are you going to do? Hold back my hair while Courtney Cottontail beats me up?" Faith Rocks!!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/14/12

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