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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2003 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

GH Opinion by Melissa Dann

I have a real problem with the Dobson storyline. The main problem I have with it is that you can tell itís Alexis! If I were to put on a goatee, wig and glasses, I think my family and friends would be able to recognize itís me. Why does it take Skye catching him/her on videotape? Itís always the same thing. When Luke dresses up in his many costumes, itís like no one can tell itís really him. And really, any other family would have fired Dobson long ago. If a butler I hired was that interested in a baby girl, especially when thatís not his job, Iíd be getting rid of him.

And I think Nikolas is a bit crazy. Why would anyone be so willing to marry someone they didnít love? And heís going to stay faithful to her and expects the same in return? Why? Heís a young, good-looking guy. Heís really not going to want to date anyone ever? Thatís a bit ludicrous. Is he really going to stay celibate? He should tell Emily how he really feels. When he was reading to her and Zander was just standing in the background forgotten, it was obvious they should be together. Never mind honor and duty. Duty! Heís a young, red-blooded guy. Itís time to forget that and go for the woman he loves.

And the new Lydia is nothing like the old one. Iím not sure why she replaced her, but hopefully theyíll replace the replacement. She doesnít have any chemistry with Lucky at all. The other Lydia did.

On another note, Elizabeth needs to wise up in a big way. I know love is blind, but deaf and dumb too? Okay, sometimes it is, but Ric is nuts. I hope he gets caught and locked up for good. I could tell early on when he was so interested in Sonny that heíd turn out to be his brother. That wasnít too much of a shocker. But to go to these lengths for revenge? He is a lawyer, probably smart in some areas, heís not ugly, and he could do so much with his life and his new wife. This is the height of stupidity. Heís risking jail time for what? As if Sonnyís going to let him live when he finds out he was keeping Carly and his baby from him. Heís a dead man. And I know it was said before, but how can Carly really not eat? She has a baby to feed, and sheís risking its health to defy Ric? No mother would do that. Iím no doctor, but I think she should be sicker by now from not eating.

Thatís my rant for now.


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Page updated 8/14/12

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