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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2003 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

GH Opinion by Jordan

Carly: It's Sonny's baby. 
Ric: Hmm. 
Carly: There's no question about it.

Sonny: Get Courtney out of your head. 
Jason: I love Courtney. 
Sonny: Then you're fired.

Faith: My grandmother's wake will have Sonny at a disadvantage. He'll be vulnerable.

Here are the quotes that will be starting my article off this week. Let us begin with Ric and Carly - I was really getting into the whole Elizabeth and Ric thing, and still am, but now I see Ric in a whole new light, he's tainted so to speak I guess. Not exactly in a bad way, it's just that now I see he has an agenda - I see him with a dark side. I see the other side of his coin I assume you could say. He is sweet and gentle when he's with Elizabeth, and in some other situations, but when he is in his blackmailing mode he has this evil side. It's very hot in a way, but makes you wonder what exactly is this strange man's agenda. What is being guarded by a brick wall, a barb wire fence, and mean attack dogs aka Sonny? What is this strange man from South America up to in Port Charles? He was in jail, but now he's making love and trouble in Port Charles. I'd prefer he be sweet with Elizabeth, but evil can be good unless he becomes a real threat to Sonny.

Now, this next subject is a touchy one with me... Sonny and Jason. See, I love "Journey" (Jason and Courtney), but I also love Jason's loyalty to Sonny. He is basically the glue of their small family (which is growing) exactly like Joe In the MARCO AND CATHERINE story, remember... thus the point of that entire story. I truly hope Sonny comes to his senses and lets Jason back in and allows him to stay with Courtney.

Faith Roscoe - Enough said there, huh? How many partners and murders will it take to get it through her head that she will never be able to destroy Sonny? I'd hate the show if they let her. Sonny and Carly are what hooked me to GH. Of course I grew to love other people, but I'd be enraged if they screwed with something so GREAT! Faith is TROUBLE and she'll end up exactly like her husband.

Elizabeth: You're going to be Ric's friend now? Are you going to be even more grateful to him than you were to Jason? 
Courtney: You really -- you need to seek therapy for your paranoia. 
Elizabeth: Someone from the Corinthos family is telling me to seek mental help. Now, that's good. Look, Courtney -- 
Courtney: What the hell is your problem? I am not interested in Ric, Elizabeth. 
Elizabeth: And I am not up for an encore performance of your "I'm so grateful, I'll take him to bed" act.

Elizabeth and Courtney - This whole feuding friends thing is getting old, but I guess it's the foundation for the RIC/ELIZABETH, JASON/COURTNEY storylines. Liz is enraged and that is understandable, but I mean after this coming Monday I think she'll behave better. Didn't she nurse JASON back to health at one point also? Interesting... Courtney did try to be compassionate, but I mean Liz is hurt... What do you expect?

Lucas: Listen, you're my friend, and I hope you always will be, but that's it. I mean, I'm sure there's a guy out there who's perfect for you, but it's not me. I'm interested in another girl. 
Georgie: Ok. Ok, I got it. Message received. 
Lucas: No, no, Georgie, wait. I want you to -- 
Georgie: Look, it was a joke, ok? Can you just be the wonderful, amazing person you are and just forget this ever happened? {runs out crying}

Lucas and Georgie - DAM^ them for screwing this storyline up. It had major potential, they'd be HOT together. They've been making AWESOME storylines, this one started off GREAT NOW THE MESSED IT UP COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!! They better fix it, AND FAST!

Sonny: Whoa, slow down. Whoa. 
Carly: What? 
Sonny: Got to be careful. 
Carly: I'm careful. 
Sonny: Ok. Watch yourself. Every time you walk down those stairs -- you're going to hurt yourself.

Sonny, Carly, and the BABY- He needs to lay off the steps. I know he's worried since AJ pushed her last time she was having his child, but he can not wig out every time she walks up or down a flight of stairs. What is he going to do, install ELEVATORS everywhere? But it just shows how much he loves Carly, and the baby!

Courtney: How can I help? 
Jason: You already are.

Jason and Courtney- ADORABLE!!!! They are absolutely ADORABLE.... The shaving thing, the dinner, the loft....EVERYTHING IS ADORABLE!!! Enough said!!!!!!

Well, that is all I think I should say this week.... I absolutely can not wait till EMILY comes back! FYI - Felicia (portrayed by WAGNER) has left the show BUT Maxie and Georgie will remain in tact. Her final airdate was Feb. 13 or Feb. 15! 

Peace out Peeps! 
(Love you All)

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/14/12

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