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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2003 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

GH Opinion by Jordan

Benny: Sonny needs you.

Benny - Poor Poor Poor Benny! His final words were to Jason, he literally died in his arms. The dead man is right - Sonny does need Jason, Carly needs Jason, Michael needs Jason, but Jason also need Courtney. I can't believe good ole' Benny is dead. Faith killed Catherine - her own grandmother. She was so sweet to Carly! Faith killed Sam (the hit person). It was uncalled for, but Sam did go after Sonny even though it was on Faith's orders. Faith killed Benny - All Benny did was be loyal to Sonny, and everyone in the Corinthos Family. Faith has NO HEART! If she dies I will feel no sympathy! Poor Poor Poor Benny!

Honorable Mention - Alexis (As her fake Kristina): You know what, your honor? I think he's a colossal bore, and I'm not interested in talking to him anymore. Had to post that... So funny... Baldwin is a colossal BORE!!! and a EVIL MINION!

Alexis: You're hypocrites, all of you! You're blaming me for doing what you wanted done. He had to die, otherwise he would've killed Alexis and her baby the way he killed me!
Scott: Your honor, do not call a recess. That's conceding that she's insane, and she is not. Let me put her back up on the stand, cross-examine her. I will prove it to you.

The Murder - Trial #2- Screw Baldwin... Cameron is not going to let anything happen to Alexis. FYI- Lane Davis (Cameron Lewis) is Nancy Lee Grahn's husband... how cute! Scott Baldwin is never going to get a CONVICTION. Well not an honest one that will stick. Baldwin is not cut out to be District Attorney... never has been never will be! If Alexis is as sane as anyone else in that courtroom then she is insane. Scott Baldwin is in there, EDWARD QUARTERMAINE, they are both INSANE!!!! She isn't though, so the proper statement he wanted to make if he's trying to prove she's faking that she's sane is "She's saner then some people in the courtroom." So IN YOUR FACE BALDWIN!

Jax: Your honor, I'm sorry. It must be clear to everyone that Alexis is too ill to go on.
Scott: Oh, sit down. That's what she wants us to think. 
Jax: If the D.A. goes after her again, she could have a breakdown. 
Judge: You're not an attorney. You have no voice in these proceedings. Sit down or you will be held in contempt! 
Jax: I have nothing but contempt for a decision to let this harassment go on. 
Judge: Remove this man until he can get himself under control. 
Jax: Yeah, you can remove me from the courtroom, but you know I'm right!

Jax's outburst - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMAO, ROTFL!!!! YOU GO JAX! When Jax returned to the courtroom after his little outburst, did you notice Skye walked back in with him and they were acting chummy? Maybe that's a small sing from Guza. Let's hope so! I love Jax's caring, INSANE outburst... see we are all a little insane. But it is not bad exactly... it is if you let it out of control! Thank God Jax stepped up! Someone had to... though Cameron did!

Alexis: You bastard! [Alexis goes after Baldwin with the steak knife] {which is evidence} [Gallery buzzes] 
Zander: Dad! [Judge pounds gavel] 
Judge: Order! Order! 
Zander: Dad! Dad!

Zander - He cares about his DAD!!!! We all know he cares about Alexis since she helped him when he needed it, but there is still something in him left for his father! Too bad Cameron got in the way. He ended up getting stabbed in the hand (isn't that where BRENDA STABBED LUIS ALCAZAR?) Poor Cameron, BUT GO ZANDER... GO ALEXIS!!!! Should've killed Baldwin!

Jordan Alexandra

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/14/12

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