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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2002 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

GH Is All Fired Up

Written 9/21/02 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

What is it with soaps lately and all the fires? I didn't know so many soap characters were pyromaniacs.

On One Life to Live, Al set fire to Jen's loft. The worst thing Al did before this was pretend to be paralyzed when he wasn't (okay, that's really awful, but it doesn't endanger anyone's life or make him a felon).

Passions has lots of fires, and that's not even counting the fires of Hell that they show often.

On Port Charles, Livvie set the barn on fire while the Avatar was inside and almost immolated Rafe as well.

On General Hospital, there have been two fires of late. First there was the explosion and fire in Sonny's warehouse that killed Kristina. Then there was the explosion and fire on Alcazar's yacht. These three fires in Port Charles must keep the fire department (not to mention the arson squad!) pretty busy in PC.

Speaking of fires, we know Brenda is crazy, but how stupid is she as well, to fire a flare gun directly at tanker fuel when she's on board the ship? And the strange thing is, no mention was made of any deaths on the ship! What about the men who were handling the fuel transfer? Guess since they're day players, no one cares…especially not the PCPD!

I guess with all the concern about violence on the soaps, they can't show too many actual shootings, so fire is something exciting they can do without getting people upset with them. But it seems silly, when the show centers so much around mobsters (and now an arms dealer!), and they show plenty of guns, but they hardly ever shoot them. Not that I want my soap to turn into "The Sopranos"….

Now that Headwriter Bob Guza is back, and has brought the talented Charles Pratt along as well, the show has been great lately. Especially if you're a Sonny fan. There have been lots of juicy stories, told with gusto. Sonny and Jason are actually shown more like real mobsters and we are seeing how people really feel about them and the consequences of their actions. Yet there still is plenty of romance. Alexis has gone back to being a strong woman (unfortunately it meant they broke up her and Sonny and sent him back to the whiny Carly). I even admire Carly at times-wasn't she great when she told that other mobster to get out, after Sonny's fake funeral? I can't WAIT to see the catfight between her and Brenda (and you know there will be!). Will Skye and Carly fight together against their common enemy?

Luke has been great, as usual, but Guza always gives him great lines. I never liked Scott much, but it's fun to see him playing a devilish character again. I regret that Ned is with Alexis again…been there, done that, and they don't seem to have the same spark any more. I liked her with Sonny, but I think they should find her someone more mature for her, and TALLER! She is tall and looks silly with Ned or Sonny, both of whom are fairly short. Jax was a good match for her. They should bring in someone like him. Better yet, pair her with Luke! Those two have always had amazing chemistry. She could help him get over Laura's exit. Roy has been great in his new story, too, so it's a shame he's leaving. He would be a good match with Alexis, too. I am sorry to see Laura leave as well, but she did a fantastic job in her "crazy" scenes.

Even the Quartermaines seem to have a new luster with Guza and Pratt's polish. I hope they give Alan and Monica something to do rather than just bicker and act as sounding boards to the younger folks. They are just wasting great talent otherwise. The cast is still too big but I'm not sure what they can do, short of making another spinoff! How about a Quartermaine show? That would be great to see. Bring in some more long-lost Q's and have it centered more around the hospital. It's not like either GH or PC involve the hospital much nowadays, so it would be a refreshing change!

After all, they have to have more doctors, otherwise who's going to treat the victims of all those fires?

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/15/12

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