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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2002 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

Things are Great on GH!

Written 8/14/02 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

GH has been really exciting lately (maybe I'm biased, but I think all of the ABC soaps have been more exciting lately). I have really enjoyed the Laura attic mystery. However, I think it was cut too short due to her deciding to leave. I'm guessing that originally, this story was much longer. Because otherwise it doesn't make sense for Rick to be killed so soon. What about the hospital takeover and his flirting with Monica? I was disappointed that we didn't get to see Luke and Laura running off (the aftermath of Laura killing Rick). Don't get me wrong, I think the way they handled it was excellent in most ways…the whole mystery of Lucky and Nikolas finding Rick's body, the way Scott was acting spooky, and the fact that no one knew what happened to Luke and Laura. But I would have like to have seen more detail. Also, it's a shame they had to leave before the wedding! I'm sure most GH fans were looking forward to that. It took years for our favorite couple to get back together again, and then we were cheated out of seeing them re-married. Darn that Genie Francis anyway!

I've also been enjoying the way they're bringing back Brenda (or is it her lookalike?). Alcazar is a great character because he's mysterious; he's well-acted by Ted King; he's ruthless and yet it motivated by his love for this woman; and he's a short term character, so they can make him do practically anything. The layers that they are building here are amazing. Neither Sonny nor Jax know who Alcazar is or why he's going after them. It hasn't occurred to either of them that it's related to Brenda. And for once, they have a common enemy (something that has been a long-time coming). It will be great if they ever work together. I'm really sorry A Martinez is leaving just when they are giving him such a great story. It's wonderful to see how he's able to work for Alcazar and yet still be his own man, and to see the conflict he's going through.

Another actor I'm sad to see go is Jaime Ray Newman. When Kristina first appeared on the show, she was a whirl of energy; a breath of fresh air. She shook up Ned's world and gave Alexis an interesting sister (something she needed since Stefan was leaving soon). For some reason known only to the writers, they then decided to make her character really ANNOYING! She meddled in everyone's lives. Not only did she get way too involved in the life of Alexis, but she interfered with Edward, Sonny, Carly, and Zander (in short, everyone she met). I'm sure many fans are glad to see her go. But I will miss her because the actress did a great job with difficult material and she had a lot of energy. I like "kooky" characters, too, and she had a bit of the kook in her, much like Luna on One Life to Live. So sad that they had to kill her off just to make up for writing mistakes.

The last part of the show that has been good does not involve any actors leaving, thank goodness. That is the triangle between Zander/Liz/Jason. In some ways it's not much of a triangle because we all know she really likes Jason a lot more than Zander. But it's been fun to watch anyway because the three of them have such good chemistry. I look forward to seeing how it twists and turns. I really want to find out about Zander's past, too, now that we know his real name is not Zander Smith and he came from a rich family. Someone speculated to me that he's really Tracy Quartermaine's son! Wouldn't that be a hoot!

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Page updated 8/15/12

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