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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2002 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

The Courtney and A.J. Love Story Is Stupid!

Written 7/26/02 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

This whole story with Courtney and A.J. is driving me nuts.

I had little trouble with it when it started. It seemed like just a continuation of the A.J.-Sonny war. And for a while, that's what it was. A.J. hit on Courtney so he could use her to get at Sonny, and thus get Michael back (you ever wonder, does A.J. really want Michael back, or does he just want to get one over on Sonny?). Then, after a while, it seemed like they would make a great couple and also cause more problems for Sonny.

But then for some reason they decided to leave Sonny out of it, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. For a month or so, Sonny was so fixated on protecting his sister and getting to know her, that he could talk of little else. But now we haven't seen them together for weeks. Sure, I know that A.J. and Courtney don't like him, but it seems weird that Sonny wouldn't keep trying. He sure doesn't give up on Carly!

Then A.J.'s family decided to cut him off from his fortune and kick him out. Rather, Edward framed him for embezzlement (and whatever happened to THAT? Are the PCPD so busy looking for arsonists that they don't have time to go after the white collar crimes?) and disinherited him, and then Alan and Monica kicked him out.

First of all, Edward has always been concerned in the past with scandal and what that will do to ELQ, so it doesn't make much sense that he would try to frame A.J. and get him in trouble with the law. Secondly, why in the heck would Lila allow him to do this? Why didn't A.J. run to her the first chance he got? They have completely ignored that aspect of it, which is just poor writing.

Then Monica and Alan decided that A.J. had to leave the house because his marriage to Courtney, which they think is a scam, was the last straw in how he misbehaves. Okay, first of all it has been shown that Alan likes Courtney and thinks that she and A.J. really are in love, so why would he kick them out? Then, Monica ended up getting mad at Courtney and slapping her, so why would she be trying to protect her from A.J.? And lastly, A.J. is an adult, so isn't it his business whom he marries? None of this makes sense. It's purely contrived, a plot device to make Courtney and A.J. have problems as they "struggle together". To make things worse, Skye, who is the only friend A.J. has, also refused to loan him any money. That made no sense, either.

Then A.J. can't find a job because Edward has blackballed him. All right, I buy that Edward has a lot of power, money, and influence. But surely he also has made a lot of enemies that might want to hire the former head of ELQ (A.J.) to get back at him. I mean, just like Sonny's enemies went after Zander, I would think Edward's enemies would do the same. And since Jax is Edward's biggest enemy right now, you'd think he'd want to use A.J. in his plotting, even if he doesn't completely trust him.

So A.J. has to get a job driving a forklift….WHAT? Hello, I believe he has a college degree, and even if not, in the past he managed a spa and also was a computer wizard (they forgot about that last part when they had him interviewing in a job and he acted like he didn't know anything about using a computer!). Surely he could find a job that pays a little more than manual labor. That's just utterly ridiculous. And besides, why wouldn't they just leave town so they could go somewhere that Edward didn't have so much power? And besides all that, I find it hard to believe that weasel-y A.J. didn't sock away money in a Swiss bank account long ago, especially when he was running ELQ. If he didn't, he kind of deserves all this misfortune he's having now…

Then the stupidest thing of all….A.J. runs his car into a strip club and then Courtney has to pay off the damages by stripping in the club.

First of all, why didn't she just tell the guy, "Look, my brother is Sonny Corinthos, so you'd better leave us alone". Even if she hates Sonny, she's got to know that dropping his name would scare most people off. And then how can Sonny, who's the mob boss who supposedly runs the town, and knows everything that's going on, not know that his own sister is stripping in the club HE USED TO OWN???

And since Courtney knows that A.J. can't stand to even see her being nice to customers at Kelly's, wouldn't she realize that stripping would be about the worst thing she could do in his eyes? Short of actual prostitution, anyway. So much for the sweet and innocent girl. At least we haven't actually gotten to see her stripping and sliding down the pole the way we did way-back-when with Karen!

Of course the whole thing is supposed to be "ironic". Ooh, Sonny's sister is stripping in the club he used to own! But it's not, it's just stupid.

But I can't wait to see what happens when A.J. finds out and then when Sonny finds out!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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