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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2002 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

The Courtney Show

Written 4/5/02 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

This week on GH has been an exciting one! I know some people are complaining about the show, but I still like it. It certainly must be hard to write for a soap because you can never make everyone happy.

Some people don't like the character of Sonny (because he's a mobster, I suppose) or because he has so much screen time lately. It does seem that everything revolves around Courtney now. Personally I am enjoying the tug-of-war between Sonny and A.J. I think they would have made more people happy if they had introduced Courtney more slowly (had her hang around town a while before we found out that she was Sonny's sister), so we got to know her and would care more about her. I don't think I like what I see of her so far.

She is supposed to be a young, fairly naïve girl. But what really doesn't add up is how she has treated Sonny. Even given the fact that she has heard all the bad things about him, and he has scared her a bit himself by flying off the handle about A.J., and even given that she is in complete denial about A.J., it really didn't make sense that she would run off with A.J. Especially since Sonny just poured her heart out to him about losing his baby, and she seemed moved, but then two minutes later, she was scurrying out of the hospital with A.J., laughing. I'm starting to think that maybe she deserves whatever she gets from A.J.

I know that some A.J. fans hope that he really falls in love with her and it turns him into a better person. I wouldn't mind seeing that in the long run. But in the short run we need to see Courtney figure out that he really is a scoundrel and has been lying to her and using her. Then maybe after a while, and after she makes amends with Sonny, she can forgive him and they can really start a life together. That would still be a really great story, since I can't see Sonny ever getting along with A.J. But he will have no choice, once Courtney is more mature and has gotten to know both her brother and boyfriend better. Sonny may try to control the lives of people around him a bit, but even he couldn't get rid of A.J. if Courtney truly loved him and forgave him (especially if A.J. really was trying to turn over a new leaf).

I don't know yet if I like the actress who plays Courtney. She seems kind of "blah" to me….but time will tell if she develops into a more interesting person. I also look forward to seeing more of her relationship with Mike, because I find that very sweet. I would love it if Mike became a real father to both her and Sonny, at least as much as is possible at their ages.

Now if only they could give us fewer scenes with Liz/Lucky/Sarah/Nikolas/Gia and more with the Quartermaines, Scott, Bobbie, Luke and Laura!! That's another article… :)

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Page updated 8/15/12

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