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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2002 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

Sonny's Women

Written 3/20/02 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

Why does Sonny seem to choose women that aren't his "type"? First there was Carly, and now Alexis (although, arguably, she chose him).

In real life, people may make bad choices, but they generally try to choose people that interest them and make them happy. However, couples are put together on soaps for far different reasons.

Sonny is a control freak. He breaks the law, but he doesn't lie to his friends or family. He doesn't trust easily, and he very seldom forgives. Betrayal is the worst thing in his book. We learned that when Brenda wore a wire to betray him to the cops. So why would Sonny ever end up with Carly? Story-wise, this never made any sense to me. Carly was already well-known around town as a liar and a schemer. Nobody trusted her and few liked her. She seems like the last person Sonny would ever end up with. Okay, maybe they were just physically attracted to each other, so that explains why they had one night of wild passion. But after that…

Alexis and Sonny are very different. Alexis is tall, Sonny's short. Alexis is honest and law-abiding. Sonny is a mobster. Alexis talks a lot; Sonny is very quiet. Alexis is well-educated and Sonny comes from the streets (I doubt he ever went to college). So why would either of them ever be attracted to one another? I know they say "opposites attract", but that is rarely true in real life.

So why does Sonny choose women who are very different from him and from each other? Simple. The people in charge at GH know that Maurice Benard is a great actor and very charismatic. He is very intense. You wouldn't want to put him with just any bimbo. Vanessa Marcil was good, but even she was not really in his league acting-wise (sorry, Sonny & Brenda fans!). We won't even discuss Lily….

So they want to pair Benard with another very good actor because they know that usually works. Put two very interesting actors together, two people who really know their craft and what they're doing, and often they connect. We saw sparks fly with Alexis and Luke, but unfortunately that never developed into a romance (too bad!). She also had chemistry with Steven Nichols, but once she found out that he was her brother, that was end of that crush (which is just as well because even as cousins, things were too icky between them). There are few actors on the show that are in the same category as either Benard, Sarah Brown (ex-Carly), or Nancy Lee Grahn.

First we saw Brown and Benard together. Even though Carly may not have been the most likable person in the world, she had a special kind of vulnerability that made you feel sorry for her and sort of root for her, even when she was doing mean or self-destructive things. That's also a quality that Benard brings to Sonny. Sonny may be a mobster and he's done a lot of rotten things. But you know that deep down he's that scared little boy that got beaten by his stepfather and locked in a closet. You can often see that in his eyes. So Brown and Benard were wonderful together! Even though their characters´ pairing made no rational sense whatsoever, fans instantly started rooting for Sonny and Carly because it was just magical to watch two great actors work together.
When Brown left, she was replaced by Tamara Braun. Braun is an okay actress and very pretty, but she is no Sarah Brown. She has very little chemistry with Benard. I think she has grown into the role more but she will never be in that same place that Brown was. She has much more chemistry with both Jax and Zander. Fans started rooting for Sonny and Alexis as soon as the two had scenes together. You could see the sparks fly from them, even when all she was doing was defend him to the police. It is great to see the two actors getting a good storyline together.

The GH writers are being very wise with the pairing of Sonny and Alexis. They know that this is an odd choice for both characters to make, so they are taking it very slowly. That not only makes it more believable, but it gives the audience a chance to get used to the idea and prolongs the courtship dance between the two characters even more.

More soap writers should learn from this example. Soaps used to take relationships more slowly and build them in a more realistic way. Now it seems most soap characters meet and jump into bed and then breakup before you even know who they are.

Another good reason that the Sonny and Alexis pairing works is that they are friends first. This has worked in the past for couples such as Robert and Anna in the 80´s. Sonny is not really great at relationships in general because of his very dysfunctional upbringing. Now that he has a sister to get to know, he is having more difficulties. He already trusted Alexis as a lawyer and as a friend. Now she is helping him to be a better person. She is teaching him how human beings are supposed to act (this from a Cassadine!) and how he should treat situations with his sister. It is great to watch Sonny evolve and one can only hope that they continue to make the character grow, as his romance with Alexis grows.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 8/15/12

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