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The General Hospital Articles Pages

2002 General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

Afrikka’s GH Musings
1/15 - 1/19/01

 GH was absolutely wonderful this week.  I don’t know if the incoming or outgoing regime should get the credit, but kudos to whomever was responsible for a week of such entertaining viewing.  Since I want to end on a positive note, and I have so much positive to say, I will first start with those things that I was not pleased to see this week.   The bad began with, to borrow terminology from an internet comrade, the “Naked Roobie.”  That, if you couldn’t figure out, was the stomach churning scenes of Roy and Boobie—oops, I mean Bobbie, making out.  These two have zero chemistry and quite frankly, and I am not trying to be discriminatory because this couple is middle-aged, I can’t wait for the debacle to end. I think there is a more respectable way to handle an older love affair, and in Roy and Bobbie’s case, that would be off screen.  Unfortunately, Liz and Lucky suffer from at least one of the same problems that Roy and Bobbie have—NO CHEMISTRY.   It’s a chore to watch these two imbeciles fawn all over one another while restaurant patrons are trying to eat. YUCK!  My other problem with this pair is that these two have a whole lotta attitude, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.  They are young, in love, with jobs that obviously pay the rent, yet there is so much anger.  I just don’t get it and that folks, is why I am waiting with breathless anticipation for a Jason and Liz pairing.

 Now it’s time to get on to more pleasant thoughts.  What was good about GH this week?  Well, just about everything!  Ah Nikolas, poor, sweet, disillusioned, Nikolas.   Coltin Scott came into his own this week.  I can’t tell you how many times I was brought to tears by Nikolas’ pain at learning of his uncle’s deviousness.  His warring emotions played across his face with such clarity there was no need for words and when Stefan finally admitted his misdeeds, I felt for both men.  Stefan, in his own twisted way was trying to protect Nikolas, and Nikolas was feeling the “death” of his uncle.  This time, the death was more final than any Stefan could have staged.  Stefan looked truly devastated when Nikolas stormed out of Wyndemere and out of his life.  Although the Nik/Stefan storyline takes precedence this week, we should not forget the budding romance between the young prince and his saucy roommate, Gia.  Set against the backdrop of this last betrayal, the relationship between these two is just what the doctor ordered.  Finally, Nikolas will get a real romance and I couldn’t be happier about it. 

 Ned and Alexis had some of their best scenes in a long time.  These were more powerful even, than the scenes following the wedding.  Sure, Ned was being unreasonable, but Alexis’ blasé attitude about Emily’s safety was outrageous and out of character as well.  Ned’s anger, over being left at the altar, was obviously something he hadn’t really dealt with, and boy did it rear its ugly head.  Ned threw some calculated low-blows Alexis’ way, but I think her staunch defense of Zander and lack of visible concern about Emily’s safety would have tried the patience of a saint.  I think Alexis was shutting down emotionally, she was diverting her attention to that which she could control.  I don’t know if these two will ever patch things up, (I’m secretly rooting for an Alexis/Johnny pairing) but this week showed that they will have a lot of issues to deal with before they can ever repair the relationship.  I did think the scene with Lucky was ridiculously forced.  I didn’t think Alexis really needed anyone to “second, (Ned’s) emotion,” especially not Lucky.

 AJ showed what he was made of when he took on both Alan and Edward this week.  It’s a refreshing change to see AJ sober, interacting with his family, and giving good advice.  Gee, who would’ve thunk it?  He started down the beast, Edward, made his point and got the man to reconsider calling the media.  I think AJ is just a couple of AA meetings away from reclaiming the ELQ, CEO-ship and maybe even of gaining some visitation with Michael.

 I leave the best for last, who you might asks, why Sonny and Carly of course.  MB and SB make every Sonny and Carly scene a joy to watch.  The scenes, of Carly fighting with Sorel, were classic Carly.  She is feisty and she is a fighter and now Sorel knows that too.  It is so interesting to watch the dynamics of the Sonny/Carly relationship, it seems to operate on several levels.  It is equal parts love and admiration, misunderstanding, miscommunication with a little paternalistic dynamic thrown in.  It does disturb me that sometimes Carly seems more like Sonny’s daughter than his wife, but I think that is part of the psychology of the couple and it makes them more interesting to watch.  They seem to be a lot calmer now that they’ve put their feelings out on the table.  I just hope TPTB don’t drop the ball and turn them into a boring married couple.  There is a lot of material to mine to keep the couple viable.  I am looking forward to another great week of GH, hopefully I won’t be disappointed.  What a great way to start off the New Year!

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