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The General Hospital Articles Pages

General Hospital Opinion Articles and Essays!

The Rise and Fall of ďGeneral HospitalĒ
by Carrie

April 15, 2004 Ė this day is etched in my mind, because it was the first time I watched ďGeneral Hospital.Ē  Since then, Iíve become a loyal and dedicated fan, watching daily and even belonging to one of the fan clubs.  But something changed at the beginning of 2012 Ė the entire show went from being interesting to watch to downright irritating.  Hereís why:

1.  Bringing on ďOne Life To LiveĒ characters.  If the soap needed to add more people, why not have beloved GH characters come back?  I would love to see Frisco Jones or even Alcazar return from the grave. 

2.  The exit of Ethan Lovett.  The real reason I had been watching for the past couple of years was to see Nathan Parsons (Ethan).  I believe heís a talented young actor, but ďGeneral HospitalĒ didnít give him a good storyline at all.  When there seemed to be hope with the Cassandra-Ethan love story, they axed the storyline, reportedly causing Parsons to leave the show.  And getting rid of Abby, Michaelís girlfriend, didnít make any sense to me.  Now he doesnít have much of a storyline either, except for keeping Starr Manning company during Sonnyís trial.

3.  The Franco saga.  If it isnít bad enough that Franco was a psychopath who raped Sam, why make it worse by revealing heís Jasonís twin and the father of Samís unborn baby?  Next Iíll hear Franco is really alive and wants to steal the baby from Sam and Jason Ė which he probably will because itís a soap opera.  I know that soaps can be more lenient with over-the-top storylines, but this one has gone too far.  Jason and Sam used to be one of my favorite couples, but itís hard to root for them anymore when they never get a chance to be happy for even one episode.

Not that itís all been bad.  Itís refreshing to see the Kate/Connie storyline, because the dual personality story hasnít been done in a while.  I especially enjoy Kate/Connieís scenes with the handsome Dr. Keenan.  Itíll be interesting to watch what sort of trouble Heather Webber gets into and if Steven can save the day.  And maybe the Port Charles Police Department will finally solve the stripper assault case Ė who knew it might take Lulu of all people to figure it out?

Itís safe to say Iím not sure if Iíll keep watching.  If the storylines improve, if more time is spent on romance and not violence, if ďGeneral HospitalĒ returns to its roots and concentrates on the hospital, maybe Iíll continue to check it out.  Otherwise, it looks like weíll be seeing guns drawn and bullets flying for days to come.

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Page updated 5/21/12

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