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The Days of Our Lives Puzzles Pages

Solve our DOOL Puzzles

Crossword Puzzle 2012 By Suzanne


  1 She found out that Maggie is her grandma.
  3 Her mother was killed by the Faux Rafe.
  5 Hope went here for trying to kill her husband.
  6 Symbol of NBC.
  9 Kayla is one, and so is Lexie.
  10 Chloe tried this when she thought she had nothing left to live for.
  12 Carly had to go through this after she had a breakdown.
  15 Part owner of the show.
  17 Chad found out that he is this to Stefano.
  18 She locked Maggie in a sarcophagus.
  19 Jennifer helped Abe with this.
  20 Jack was one of these in Afghanistan.
  23 EJ and his dad are these.
  27 Symbol of the show.
  28 Maggie had to get over him before she could marry Victor.
  30 Madison's business.
  32 She has a crush on Austin.
  33 Marlena is one of these.
  34 Abe and EJ ran for this in the past year.
  1 Current head writer.
  2 They own a pub.
  4 Family that created the show.
  7 Lexie and Abe's son is this.
  8 This emotion compelled Sami and EJ to have sex.
  11 Phillip moved here with his son.
  13 Kate's children include Lucas, Billie and this guy.
  14 Every year, the Hortons each have a special one to hang.
  16 He turned out to be Vivian's son.
  21 Kate used to be one, and so was Chloe.
  22 Carrie is one.
  24 Brady, Maggie, Lucas and others have a problem with this.
  25 Daniel has been having these in his hand.
  26 He and Adrienne remarried last year.
  29 Profession of Abe, Roman and Bo.
  31 Takes place in this town.

Puzzle Solution

Page updated 5/11/12

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