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The Days of Our Lives Puzzles Pages

Solve our DOOL Puzzles


                Will was in a _ _ _ _ at the hospital, supposedly caused by Holden's son, _ _ _ _ _, Hal said.  Will is also having _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, which has caused his mom, Barbara, to let Emily know she's doing this to get close to her ex. (for one reason).  What caused Hal to suspect him?  _ _ _ stains were found on Aaron's pants, but he said it was caused by fixing his bike.  Then there was a matchbook from _ _ _ _ _ _ _, Washington, found in Emma's barn by Hal.  How is he the one to keep finding evidence?  Anyhow, Hal believes his son cause Will confessed in front of his parents that Aaron started the barn _ _ _ _.  Angrily, Hal keeps pushing _ _ _ _ to move up the investigation and lock Aaron in jail!  Hot on the trail to save him, _ _ _ _ _ _ listens to hospital conversation with her job as a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, then goes to the Munson home to find the jail _ _ _ _!  Emily stops her when she came down stairs to fix a _ _ _ _ _ _ butter & _ _ _ _ _ _ sandwich.  Then Emily heard _ _ _ _ _ _ upset upstairs, so she rushed up the steps to check on her son.  Alison thought that was the perfect time to steal Hal's keys.  She hurried out the _ _ _ _ with her sandwich.  (I was glad since Emily took time to feed her.)  Her being hungry was Alison's excuse to be there.  Anyway, she dressed up like a _ _ _ _ with a red and white uniform on and freed Aaron from his jail cell!  He didn't waste any time running out of the station.  Alison then left. 

                So now the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Police Department is hot on the trail to find Aaron, his girlfriend who had to go along named _ _ _ _, and the tag-along named Alison.  They will be visiting college campuses starting in St. _ _ _ _ _ at _ _ _ _ _ _ _ University. So tune in to ATWT for future college views, including UNC-Charlotte, where I was an extra with friends thanks to Ben Hendrickson.  (Read my "Catch Me If You Can" article for more info. on that.)


Hope you enjoyed the story,

Kathy G.


Page updated 5/11/12

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