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From: "Melissa J. Towler" <eeyore@WPI.EDU>
Subject: Bo/Billie/Hope Poll
Date sent: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 13:38:57 -0400 (EDT)
Send reply to: eeyore@WPI.EDU

[NOTE: this poll was run in July, 1995. The question was: Who would you
rather Bo stay with: Gina/Hope or Billie? Disregard any info from the
soap previews on who's leaving and who's staying (at the time, Robert Kelker
Kelly was playing Bo, and it was known that Peter Reckell was returning)
and just answer from the heart.]

The final results are: Billie 48
Hope/Gina 85
Other 11

Below you will find all the "Billie" votes, followed by all the "Hope/Gina"
votes, and then the "Other" votes

- ------- Forwarded Messages
who would you rather Bo stay
with Gina (Hope) or Billie? 

- ------- Message 2
i want bo to pick billie!
- ------- Message 3
Bo should definitely be with Billie.
- ------- Message 4
Answers to poll question:

I think that Bo should stay with Billie. Only if she stops being so whiny, 
though. And I wish that she had told them that she knows Gina is Hope. 
I'm not so sure Bo should stay with her because of that. I would have written
it so that Billie told them both what she found out, but that Bo decided to 
stay with her anyway.
- ------- Message 5
Bo should definitely stay with Billy!!!! 
- ------- Message 6
as much as i liked bo and hope in the mid-late '80s, i would like
bo to stay w/ billie. i still think they make a great couple, and
i feel billie has been through so much in her life, it would be nice
to see her be happy for once.

so, from the heart -- i want billie and bo together.
- ------- Message 7
Personally, I would rather Bo stay with Billie. I have always loved 
Billie right from the start. I think she has overcome a lot in her life 
and I think Bo is the best thing for her. She is finally getting her 
life back on track and for her to lose Bo would be horrible.
- ------- Message 8
I bet neither is not an option, right? I really don't like the way Bo 
behaved when he was suppose to choose between the two women. He made 
Hamlet seem positively decisive. He also hurt both women with his 

But to answer your question, I think Bo and Billie should stay 
together, Gina and Bo have no chemistry. I think Gina/Hope should find 
a new love, preferably, John or Mike. Also. I hate the way Billie and 
Bo have turned into whining, suck-facing, losers! They deserve each 
other. Gina?Hope, you can do better.
- ------- Message 9
Hope (Gina) is cute and innocent looking and gains
instantaneous sympathy from viewers. I feel if Gina
is Hope, she needs to be back with Bo. However, Billy
went thro' so much rough time in her life, and she earned
Bo's love and not sympathy to be his wife. So, she deserves
to be his wife.

However, two women can't share a man and unless a man can
love two women simaltaneously with same intensity, he should
opt the one he loves most. And currently, Bo seems to be in
love with Billy, so my vote is for Bo and Billy.
- ------- Message 10
Bo and Billie all the way!
- ------- Message 11
I'd rather he stay with Billie...
- ------- Message 12
IMHO I would prefer that Bo stay with Billie. I know I am probably in 
the minority, but I do like Billie. I just don't like the way they've 
been handling her character of late. 

And, I also think that Gina should not be Hope. I know I'm in the 
minority with that one.
- ------- Message 13
- ------- Message 14
Bo and Billie, that's my vote.
- ------- Message 15
He should stay with Billie. I think Hope looks
like a little rat.
- ------- Message 16
I pick Billie.
- ------- Message 17
Keep Bo with Billie!! They were great together in the beginning of their 
relationship... two people with working class backgrounds relating 
and overcoming personal traumas struck a chord with me and many others, I 
believe. I loved the storyline; however as of late they've become ultra 
dependent on each other (do they ever work anymore? enough of the PDA and 
whining!!) and their individuality has since faded. I wish 
the writers would bring back their fire and passion!! Enough of Bo and 
Gina/Hope already.... that was the past. I admit they were exciting 
to watch as the "supercouple" of the '80s, but... lose the crutch, Days 
writers!! That was then!! Get on with the present and plan for the future!!! 
Give us something fresh!!

With Bo and Billie together, wouldn't it be great to match Gina/Hope with 
someone else... Jack (if he ever gives up on Jenn)? John (if he ever gets 
over "Doc" and Kristen)? Hope KA's talent isn't wasted on the writers'
attempt to recreate the popularity of the '80s with the rebel and the 
princess reuniting *once again*...argh. Let's see some reflection of today's 
society and problems people face, i.e. divorced families and how members 
deal with it in a responsible way for a change =). It's the '90s!!!!!!
- ------- Message 18
Bo should stay with Billie.
- ------- Message 19
Billie, of course. She has suffered so much and needs happiness.

Although Gina/hope has a right to her family, she should not expect to walk
into people's lives and expect to have everything as used to be. 
- ------- Message 20
I would like to see Bo & Billie stay together. I never liked hope. And 
because this whole thing has been going on forever, I dont even watch 
that part anymore. I fast forward through all their scenes and just read 
about them in the updates. My 2 cents.
- ------- Message 21
I want Bo to stay with Billie. I am sure that many people who have been 
watching for years want him with Hope, but I feel like this is one of the
only good things to happen to Billie. It is so sad to know that this, like
her mother, will be taken away from her. I think that they should get Jack
together with Hope and let Bo and Billie stay together.
- ------- Message 22
- ------- Message 23
My opinion is that Gina/Hope should get on with her life and leave Bo and
Billie alone to begin their life together.
- ------- Message 24
I think Bo should stay with Billy!!!

However, knowing that the old Bo is coming back-I think he and Hope 
(Gina) make a really cute couple!!!
- ------- Message 25
I like Bo and Billie together!
- ------- Message 26
I think Bo should absolutely positively stay with Billie. Gina/Hope is the
biggest cheese ball/barbie doll. I think that she is fake and insincere.
- ------- Message 27
>From the heart... I'd like to see Billie get Bo, just because that's
what she seems to want. I also think that Bo is kind of a bimbo, though.
- ------- Message 28
I would rather Bo stay with BILLIE!
- ------- Message 29
Bo should be with Billie because they are more alike than Bo and Hope.
- ------- Message 30
Bo and Billie! Gina was good with the old bo, but I prefer Billie with 
the new bo, they are so much more compatible!
- ------- Message 31
I used to love seeing Bo and Hope together, now I love seeing Bo and 
Billie together. I think that Bo and Billie should stay together. Even 
though Gina is Hope, she has been declared legally dead and therefore no 
longer married to Bo. If somehow that process is reversed, Bo and Gina 
[Hope] would have to get remarried, only after Bo and Billie get 
divorced. I really don't see how she could get her life back [as she 
says it]. If you have been declared legally dead by the courts, it's 
gonna take an awful lot to prove that you really aren't dead, especially 
since ALL of your medical and other records have been so conviently 
destroyed and lost. :} Anyway Bo should definitely stay with 
Billie. :}
- ------- Message 32
- ------- Message 33
Bo and Billie belong together. (That is the current actors). With the 
old/new Bo/Billie, my opinion could change.
- ------- Message 34
I think that Bo and Billie should be together. Hopina should get a 
life! Roman and Marlena could not make their marriage work, so why would 
it work for Bo and Hope? Billie has been through an amazing amount of 
torture and pain to get where she is, so I think she should have the 
so-called love of her life. Just my 5 cents.
- ------- Message 35
ok from the heart disregarding news of the comings and goings......

bo and billie together
hope has been gone too long for bo to just pick up and go back with her...
plus he would never do that to billie
keep hope involved in s-d life but let bo and billie stay together....
- ------- Message 36
I would prefer bo to stay with billie.I think they have developed
a history that has left Gina behind.
- ------- Message 37
I'd rather have Bo stay with Billie
- ------- Message 38
Bo stays with Billie.
- ------- Message 39
I think Bo should stay with Billie. Not because I like them together, but
becuase Bo has been such a spineless sleeze when it comes to all of the
evidence pointing to Gina being Hope--between that and Billie lying to keep
Bo, I would venture to say both of them are pretty low and deserve each other.

Hope/Gina should end up with someone that is frankly MUCH better for her,
like Mike Hortong or something...
- ------- Message 40
I am so sick of the hope/gina story line. Yes, I watched Days with the 
OLD Bo and Hope, but I still want Billie and Bo together. If Bo were to 
leave Billie, then she wouldn't have anyone left in her life. (The new 
Austin is SUCH a geek!) I'm happy for her that she is leaving the show. 
At least Lisa will have some decent story lines for once!
- ------- Message 41
I think Billie and Bo make a more believable and appealing couple, in spite
of the long history with Hope. I thought it was tiresome and a mistake to
bring Hope's character back in any form, and this storyline is silly, even
by DOOL's standards.
- ------- Message 42

I think it is difficult to answer this question since we have known for
months that Lisa Rinna was leaving the role and have been anticipating
it. But, if the same people were playing the various characters, I
would want Bo to stay with Billie. Billie deserves some happiness, and
Bo has fallen in love with her and is his most recent love interest.
Gina/Hope has been a very weak character since she has returned, and
even though I watched the show when she was on before, I have not gotten
very attached to her this time around. Gina/Hope should get custody of
Shawn Douglas since Bo and Billie spend so little time with him, and SD
is usually at his grandparents' place. Bo and Billie love each other
and should stay together, in my opinion, although I am sure Bo still has
feelings for Hope. This is such a tough question, because someone has
to be hurt through no fault of their own. If Hope had her memory back,
the question would be even tougher. Just my thoughts.
- ------- Message 43
Bo and Billie! He said nothing would ever break them apart, and he 
should keep his word. :-)
- ------- Message 44
Bo should be with Billie.
- ------- Message 45
Bo should stay with Billie
- ------- Message 46
Bo should stay with Billie. Regardless of the past, Gina/Hope is in no
position to 
pick up her former life where she left off. Besides Bo and Billie are happy
together, and
Billie is a lot more interesting character than Gina/Hope.
- ------- Message 47
I think that Bo should stay with Billie because I remember watching when 
they first started to fall in love. This is probably because I don't 
remember much of Bo being with Hope because I was only little watching 
the show with my older sister. So, anyways, this is my vote.
- ------- Message 48
Even though it's never going to happen, I'd love to see Billie and Bo
stick together. Billie's character certainly deserves more happiness
than having the rug yanked out from under her when she finally
found someone who loves her. 
- ------- Message 49
Subject: Re: Bo, Billie, Gina/Hope poll

Answer: Gina 
- ------- Message 50
To be honest, I would prefer Bo wind up with no one. Is that an option?
Bo is such a jerk lately. But...if I had to choose someone, I would like
him to wind up with Gina/Hope. At least that way it would justify all the
whining from Billie that we have had to put up with recently.
- ------- Message 51
Bo with Hope
- ------- Message 52
Definitely would love for BO and HOPE to reunite... 
Hate Billi...
- ------- Message 53
This is a tough one - though it didn't seem it until i
really started to think about it.

If Hope has been gone for years - through no fault of
her own, and Bo has moved on, then he should be able
to feel comfortable staying with the new love in his
life, Billie.

However, the way the writers have been writing Billie,
I'm not happy with the Bo-Billie relationship, and
would prefer to see Bo and Hope back together, in a
relationship that can be more of "equals" working to-
gether through life.
- ------- Message 54
Very truthfully, I think that Bo (no matter who plays him!) belongs with
Gina/Hope. No, I'm not Alice Horton (little titters in the
backround...),but I think Billie's a lying, conniving slut who needs to
leave Salem and never come back. However, I think that Gina is barking up
the wrong tree and should continues (???) seeing Jack. I mean who wouldn't
want to be related to Abigail??? She's a helluva lot cuter that
Shawn-Douglas. I mean, what other kid character has spewed such
intellectual outcries such as "Mommy, kiss Daddy!!" and "Hamburger!!"
Obviously genius!! Anyway, back to the subject, the answer's GINA!!!!
- ------- Message 55
Gina/Hope & Bo
- ------- Message 56
Hope was Bo's true love. I think they belong together. I can't believe 
the way he has treated her so far. It seems so out of character for Bo.
Billie is a little too codependent for Bo as well.
- ------- Message 57
poll Gina/Hope
- ------- Message 58
Okay... this is from my heart... which just happens to totally belong to 
Peter Reckell...:)

Oh, Bo belongs with Hope....yes.. I know...and I myself used to be a 
Bo-Billie fan... but that was before Hope/Gina came back.. and now that 
the real Bo is coming back.. there can be no other couple...And what is 
this I heard about ...Staci Greason coming back.. again?:) @YAY!!!! John 
belongs with IzzyB....;)

Sorry.. just had to put that in there...;) *Long long time John-IzzyB fan*
- ------- Message 59
- ------- Message 60
It's time for everyone to come clean and end this story. With the original
Bo coming back, I would think he and Hope would get together; however, I
do expect to see "super couple". Remember Marlena & Roman.
- ------- Message 61
I would like to have seen Bo stay with Billie, but for the last few months

she has gotten completely out of hand with this "Mrs. Bo Brady" crap.

So I have since changed my opinion and would like to see Bo with Hope.
- ------- Message 62
Bo and Hope (Gina)
- ------- Message 63
Bo should definitely stay with Hope. She is and always will be his one true
- ------- Message 64

My opinion: BO & HOPE!!!! Billie stinks.
- ------- Message 65
IMO, Bo & Billie have become boring. There's no more excitement, 
passion.. you know - the good stuff! I'm all for Bo & Hope re-igniting 
the old fire, especially now with Peter Reckell! *smile* 
- ------- Message 66
Bo will never belong with anyone other than Hope...Billie is a huge wimp, 
who can never give Bo the trouble that he loves in a woman...he wants 
women who have an edge, who have their own determination, self-esteem, 
and respect themselves (like Hope and Carly). Screw Billie!
- ------- Message 67
If Billie keeps turning into the wimp she's been acting like.
than my choice will have to be for Hope. 
- ------- Message 68
Gina should definately be Hope. I think Billie should take a walk, and
Hope should get whatever she can. After all, she deserves something for
being dead all these years :)
- ------- Message 69
Gina is Hope. Bo goes back to Hope.
- ------- Message 70
I would like to see Bo and Hope together. I watched the show on and 
off for a while and when I was watching it Billie first came on the 
show and I did not like her. Then I missed it for a while and now I 
have been watching again and I still do not like Billie. Not the 
actress just the character.
- ------- Message 71
I would like to see Bo and Hope together again. Had Billie been honest with 
Bo about Gina/Hope, I would have liked them together. However, I can't see 
Bo with a woman who would knowingly keep a child from his mother.
- ------- Message 72
Bo should stay with Hope.
- ------- Message 73
Bo and Hope 

I've always loved those storylines where the dead mate comes back from
supposedly being dead and reclaims his or her mate.
- ------- Message 74
- ------- Message 75
I'm old fashioned. While I would sympathize with Billie, if Gina is Hope,
then Bo is legally married to Hope, not Billie. For the sake of the family,
I feel he should go back to Hope and make their marriage/family work. There
are no real winners in this situation.
- ------- Message 76
Gina (Hope)
- ------- Message 77
Bo with Gina/Hope!
- ------- Message 78
Billie is sooo stoopid; my vote goes to Gina/Hope!
- ------- Message 79
Bo with Hope. I like Billie much better when she's not with him. 
- ------- Message 80
I prefer Bo and Hope.
- ------- Message 81
>I would like to see Bo and Hope reunite and capture some of the adventure
and romance of old. I would also like to see Bille meet a new man, who will
sweep her off of her feet and make her forget all about whatshisname.
- ------- Message 82
- ------- Message 83
- ------- Message 84
Bo and Hope were destined to be together
- ------- Message 85
This is a very hard question to answer without taking the current 
"Bo" situation into consideration.

If Billie weren't being so insecure and annoying, I would definitely 
say Bo should stay with her. But, she drives me crazy with her 
whining so I say Bo should be with Hope. (Especially when PR comes 
- ------- Message 86
The answer to that poll is simple...........

Bo should be with Hope! Now that we know that Gina IS Hope, how could
anyone say otherwise! Their love story was much more romantic and
interesting than that of Bo and Billie.
- ------- Message 87
Regarding the Bo, Billie, Gina/Hope poll, I would want Peter Reckell 
as Bo with Kristian Alfonso as Gina/Hope. No ifs, ands or buts about
it! ;)
- ------- Message 88
All actor/actress bru-ha-ha aside, I would have to say Bo should be
with Hope (as long as she's Hope). There's my vote!
- ------- Message 89
I was a teen ager when Bo and Hope first got together. I would like to see 
them get back together. Especially since they have given Billie a Whimpy, 
Whinny, lying story line lately. Hopes got more class in her little finger 
than Billie does in her whole body, now that she lied and is trying to get Bo
to not let Hope see Shawn-D anymore. No offense intended for the actress that 
plays Billie.

I actually stopped watching when Hope was killed. I didn't start watching again
until they brought Marlana back. When you kill off my favorite characters I
stop watching for a while. 

I would like to see Collipe and Eugene back. Talk about Zanny plot lines!!
- ------- Message 90
I prefer Bo with Gina.
- ------- Message 91
Bo & Hope! Bo & Hope! Bo & Hope! Bo & Hope! Bo & Hope! Bo & Hope!

Get rid of Billie with her giggly rats nest of a hairdo self!
- ------- Message 92
With RKK AND Lisa Rinna leaving DAYS it doesn't matter to me anymore. 
I am a big RKK/Bo and Billie fan. It just won't be the same with Peter 
Reckell back -- I never liked Bo until RKK took over. So now my vote 
stands for BO and Hope. Its less to fast forward through.
- ------- Message 93
I would like to see Bo and Gina/Hope get together. They have so much history
- ------- Message 94
i would like Bo and Hope to be together. =) 
- ------- Message 95
I want to see Bo and Hope back together. I was torn about this
because I did like Billie at first, but now that she's withholding
the secret, she doesn't deserve Bo! Plus, I just love Hope and
want her to be happy! 
- ------- Message 96
I would like to see Bo stay with Gina (Hope) 
- ------- Message 97
My vote is for Bo and Hope. Why? Well, they were
married and made an incredible couple (I guess this would
have been with the old-soon-to-be-new-Bo). I just think
their chemistry etc is much more enjoyable than Billie & Bo.
I like Billie as an actress (most of the time) but not with
Bo. I think Bo's heart is really still with Hope, regardless
of what he tells Billie.

Go Bo & Hope!
- ------- Message 98
Since Peter Reckell is coming back, I would much rather see Bo with Hope!
- ------- Message 99
I want Bo to go back to Gina.
- ------- Message 100
This might be too complicated because I think that RKK-bo and Billie belong 
together and Peter Reckell-bo and hope belong together. But, if I have to 
pick one, I'd say Bo and Hope.
- ------- Message 101
- ------- Message 102
Poll: Bo shouldn't be with either one of them for a while....

Why? Although PR and DA make a lovely couple visually, 
Bo has some serious character flaws when it comes to 
using common sense, treating women like competent human 
beings, and making independent decisions instead of 
worrying about what everyone else thinks. 

Let him be single until he has "found himself," then
have him grovel at Hope's feet for a while, *then*
let Bo and Hope get back together.

I know IOAS, but the writers have destroyed the 
valuable aspects of most of the characters on the
show. The writers should have Bo try to redeem himself
before even thinking of getting Hope back.
- ------- Message 103
I personally think Bo should go back to Hope. Billie does not seem to be his
type. And Bo is/ was married to Hope. They are still married, in my eyes.
- ------- Message 104
Definitely Bo&Hope....but could they get new writers? :)
- ------- Message 105
- ------- Message 106
Bo (as played by Peter Reckell-YAY!!!!) belongs with Hope.....can't
wait!!!!!! Had Days not recast Bo, I would have voted no, there was no
chemistry between RKK and KA. However, I think Gina/Hope and Jack have
some pretty interesting chemistry....but KA belongs with PR
- ------- Message 107
I would rather Bo stay with Hope. Thanks for asking!
- ------- Message 108
Bo and Hope should be together. 

However, I'm voting that way because you only gaved me 2 choices.

Right now, I think Bo is no longer "good enough" for Hope. He
has been messing around with the Billie Trash for so long that
he's rather trashy himself, now. ;-) 

Hopefully having the "real Bo" return will improve Bo's image.
Also hopefully, they will go ahead as rush the sleezy Billious
off the show so she won't "taint" the real Bo. ;-)
- ------- Message 109
I think it should be Bo and Hope together again.
- ------- Message 110
I have been watching Days since I was eight and 12 years later in college I am 
still hooked, even with their topsy-turvy-over-the-hill-storylines. I grew up
watching Bo and Hope with PR and KA, and while LR and RKK has done a great job,
once a BO-HOPE fan always a BO-HOPE fan. For as much as I can remember, Bo
and Hope's love story was energetic, exciting, adventurous, and always
romantic. While Bo and Billie have that too, I don't think you can replace
the everlasting love that Bo and Hope shared and maybe will share again.
So there it is. Can't wait for the results!!!
- ------- Message 111
I'd prefer Bo back with Hope. I never cared much for Billie to tell 
the truth.
- ------- Message 112
Answer: I think that Bo should be with Gina/Hope, because we now know
that she is Hope. I especially feel that Bo will leave Billie
after he finds out that she didn't tell him that she knew that
Gina is Hope......
- ------- Message 113
My vote if she get's her old back bone back is Hope
- ------- Message 114
Uh, make my supercouple, Bo and Hope!
Even before the recent news, I thought ditch Billie. Isn't she too young 
for Bo??? Heck, she's his niece's(Carrie) buddy. Sick! :)

PS I look forward to hearing the term "Fancy Face" again!
- ------- Message 115
Bo belongs with Hope!
- ------- Message 116
I would like to see Bo with Gina/Hope. Gina is Hope and therefore
his first, true wife. I have been watching for 20 something years and remember
the first day Hope walked on the set. She was a pain in the butt teen, and she
grew into a spunky fun character. What she and Bo went through to get together
brought them closer than anything Billie and Bo could ever have. Bo and 
Hope need to be together, not to mention the fact they have a child and it
would be nice for Sean D. to have his parents back together. I like Billie,
but Bo already has a wife. 
- ------- Message 117
Bo and hope, only if the real Bo comes back....if not go get her 
- ------- Message 118
I think that Bo should be with Hope.... 

That's my vote! :) Altho the guy playing Jack these
days (can't recall his name at the moment) would be a good
pair up with Hope too, but that wasn't the question! :)
- ------- Message 119
I want Bo to get together with Hope.
- ------- Message 120
- ------- Message 121
I vote for Hope with Bo. No doubt about it these two made me believe in true
love! I'm a writer and one of my best romane novels contained characters
based on the Bo and Hope personnas.
- ------- Message 122
bo and hope
(get rid of
- ------- Message 123
I vote for Krisitan Alphonso and Peter Reckell as Bo and Hope..

I vote for Lisa Rinna and Robert Kelker-Kelly as Bo and Billie..

But the bottom line is, I want Bo and Hope together..
- ------- Message 124
Bo should be with Hope!
- ------- Message 125
I think Bo should be with Hope after she makes him wait
for awhile.
- ------- Message 126
There will never be a pair like Bo and Hope. They are magical!
They have my vote always.
- ------- Message 127
There is only one answer to this poll. Bo and Hope forever.
- ------- Message 128
I was lurking on r.a.t.s and feel I should put my .02 in. I was a 
devoted viewer back in the heyday of Bo and Hope in their original form 
of PR and KA. I gave up watching DOOL for a variety of reasons about 
two years ago, but the primary reason was that I couldn't stomach RKK as 
Bo. When KA first came back, I tuned in to see what her chemistry would 
be like with RKK, but IMHO the only one KA should be paired with is PR. 
Now that he is coming back, there is no reason to keep Hope and Bo 
apart. I think since LR is leaving anyway, why re-cast. IMHO, Bo and 
Hope are the best couple of all time on DOOL and why mess with success, 
especially since KA and PR are now looking forward to working together. 
I will be tuning in to see PR return, but I still believe DOOL has 
changed drastically from the 1980's and it has only gone downhill.
- ------- Message 129
Poll: Bo should be with Hope..
- ------- Message 130
I vote for Bo/Hope, especially with the return of Peter Reckell. Just think
of all the great flash back scenes!!
- ------- Message 131
Okay, this is a toughy! I really loved bo and hope: the couple. BUt i do
love billie and bo,too. 
Both of these awesome ladies are so perfect with him. But heres my final
choice: hope/gina.
Heres why; with these rumors of the original bo coming back I think he
should be with hope, 
so there it is.
- ------- Message 132
Bo should be with Hope -- eventually!
- ------- Message 133
Bo and Hope all the way!!!!
- ------- Message 134
I wish Billie and Bo would get killed (I can't stand neither of them)
and Hope hooks up with Jack. There is a lot of chemistry between
them, and it looks like they could be a fun couple.
- ------- Message 135
Because Bo and Hope were such great lovers before doesn't mean they will 
be great lovers once again...I think there has to be a realization that 
Bo has gone on in his life and put Hope behind him. Perhaps it would be 
good for them to accept that Hope is alive and can be a mother to Shawn 
D. I feel that Bo could not drop all his feelings for Billie that 
quickly and jump inot the arms of Gina/Hope..He hasn't yet been swayed 
and I would think that just her appearance alone would create those type 
of feelings but obviously they haven't. Bo is past Hope. 

I think that Peter and Hope would be an interesting pairing, but 
considering the entire range of possibilites of a Laura and Peter 
pairing is much more daring. The exploration of the older woman/younger man
relationship has not really been developed as much as it could 
especially since the younger man is the ex-husband of the woman's 
daughter. A Hope and a new Dr. pairing would be interesting too. 
Writers maybe ought to consider doing this and to re-create a new 
generation of the Alice and Tom relationship and bring the atmosphere back to the hospital as the 
- ------- Message 136
>I want gina to stay and for hope to go far away again. This new (old) bo
thing is really irritating -- it feels like they are going back to the
"good ol' days" (no pun intended). I like the way things are.... what's
next? to bring back kim, kala, and steve? or what about shane
- ------- Message 137
I think that Billie and Gina both should find someone new. Maybe
Billie would get some spunk back. Billie & Jack had a spark that
is worth pursuing. I'm tired of Bo. And I never liked Peter Reckell.
- ------- Message 138
I think that none of them should end up together. Gina/Hope deserves
better than someone who constantly says 'If Gina was Hope I'd know - Hope is
dead'. Billie needs to get a life - there is more to life than being 'Mrs.
Bo Brady'. And lastly Bo deserves to be with no one considering the way
he's been acting - does he ever remember he has a son to think about? 
So my vote - neither should be stuck with Bo - there has to be better fish
in the sea.
- ------- Message 139
I think he should keep them both!!!
- ------- Message 140
You got me with this one. I would be the happiest if Bo left Billie for 
Hope, and Hope wouldn't take him back. If he then tried to return to 
Billie, I would hope that Billie would have spine enough to slam the door 
in his face. The Hope I remember has an incredibly long memory, and she 
never liked being second fiddle to anyone. She also did not respond well 
to the kind of behavior Bo has been exhibiting lately. Especially since 
Bo knows damn well that she is Hope. Remember the mountain? This has 
truly pissed me off. He has never told anyone about that incident.

I want to believe that Hope will make Bo stew for a long time before she 
will consider having anything to do with him. His disregard for her 
feelings cannot simply be explained away.
- ------- Message 141

Bo & Hope? He's been a real creep.

Bo & Billie? Is Lisa Rinna looking forward to the remake of the Stepford

No matter who is playing Bo, he's got a lot of ground to cover.
- ------- Message 142
>From the heart, I want RKK's Bo to be with LR's Billie.

>From the heart, I want KA's Gina, if she is proven to be Hope, to be a single
mother to Sean-D. 

>From the heart, I want PR's Bo to be a single parent to Sean-D.

>From the heart, I want all of the Reeds to leave Salem, as I now believe that
the family structure has been ruined for me, a big fan of the Reeds. 
- ------- Message 143
I would like to see RKK turn out to be a fake Bo and ride off into the
sunset with Billie, then PR be the real Bo and be with Hope.
- ------- Message 144
Peter Reckell as Bo, always and forever!

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