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From: "Melissa J. Towler" <eeyore@WPI.EDU>
Subject: Jenn/Jack/Peter Poll
Date sent: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 13:39:42 -0400 (EDT)
Send reply to: eeyore@WPI.EDU

[NOTE: this poll was run in November, 1995. The question was: with whom
does Jennifer belong? Peter? Jack? Someone else?]

Here are the results of the Jenn/Jack/Peter poll.
Total tally: Jack 78
Peter 12
Other 20

Votes are below (separated into sections of Jack/Peter/Other).
Some got right to the point, and some went into some rather
in-depth analysis. Enjoy, and thanks for participating.

------- Message 1
She belongs with Jack...period.
------- Message 2
I think Jennifer belongs with Jack. Even though Jack walked out, he didn't 
do near as bad of things as Peter has/is doing. Peter needs to go to jail 
for his wrong doings.
------- Message 3
jen belongs with jack. he had her first.
------- Message 4
I think Jennifer belongs with Jack.
------- Message 5
I think that Jennifer belongs with Jack because he truly loves her. 
Peter says he does but he doesn't. Peter is dirty and underhanded. I 
just wish that Jennifer would find out what the "real" Peter is 
like....especially his dealings with shady characters like Jude 
------- Message 6
Jennifer belongs with Jack
------- Message 7
Well betweeen the two I'd have to go with Jack. Even though Peter has 
gotten a little better since he has fallen in love with Jen, he is still 
a sneak. The scenes with his secret meeting in the bar Hope works in 
prove that he is still into no good. Plus what he did to Jen's own Mom 
is terrible.

But Jack should not win Jen's love that easily. Maybe he has changed. 
But he hurt Jen when he walked out and for her to accept him back will 
take time (shes got to be able to trust him again).

Too bad Mike is her brother because he's a nice guy and they would look 
good together.

Really with everyone on the show -- I'd have to go with Jack. Most 
everyone else is taken or was taken by one of her friends.
------- Message 8
Jennifer belongs with Jack and no one else. Peter is scum and should die 
along with Sami. That's all. :}
------- Message 9
Jennifer do *not* belong with Peter. She is so pathetic right now that I
am not sure if I would wish her on Jack, but if he is the alternative -
sure. After all, maybe she will go back to him and get herself a backbone.
------- Message 10
Jennifer belongs with Peter. Yes, he has been awful in the past, but he 
is really trying (most of the time) to change and to be the man for 
Jennifer. Besides, I will never forget the time, when they were first 
dating, when a famous chef didn't show up for Jennifer's show, and Peter 
substituted as the chef. Cheesy, but very sweet. Finally, I really 
could see Jack and Laura together. They really had some passion going at 
the Meadows, and it would make for some interesting story lines.
------- Message 11
Jennifer should be with Jack
------- Message 12
Jennifer belongs with Jack!!
------- Message 13
I definitely think Jenn belongs with Jack (of course I would prefer that it
were Matthew Ashford in the role). I think Peter loves her, but I don't
think he's good for her, or her safety. I know Jack has been rotten to her
in the past, especially when he left her (even I hated him then!), but I
think he's changed and realizes how much he hurt her. I think he would
never want her to get hurt again, which is why he is trying to convince her
not to marry Peter.
------- Message 14
------- Message 15
Jennifer belongs with Jack, above all else. 
------- Message 16
Poll: Jennifer belongs with Jack. She was much smarter and independent. 
I hate it that she depends on Peter so much. She was a Murphy Brown and if
she marries Peter she'll be a June Cleaver.
------- Message 17
jennifer belongs with jack. peter is evil and twisted.
------- Message 18
As for the poll, Jennifer definitely belongs with Jack. Peter is evil 
and Abby should have her father living with her and raising her. If 
nothing else, let the show have some values. TrAcY
------- Message 19
There is no question that Jennifer Rose Horton Devereau belongs 
with Jack.
------- Message 20
poll - Jennifer & Jack
------- Message 21
Poll----JACK JACK JACK JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
------- Message 22
I vote for Jack. Peter is too slimy. Actually, I'd rather see Jenn with
anyone EXCEPT Peter.
------- Message 23
Actually, the way Jennifer has been acting lately she probably belonngs with 
no one. But if I have to choose, I choose Jack. Peter crossed the line when he
"gaslighted" Laura. ou know, maybe Jen should be with Bo. They can get on each
other's nerves.
------- Message 24
Jennifer belongs with Jack
------- Message 25
I think Jennifer and Jack should be together!
------- Message 26
I hope that Peter's true character will eventually be revealed
and Jack and Jennifer will be reunited. 
------- Message 27
Jennifer belongs with Jack. He has good intentions. Peter is just 
too slimy and vindictive. 
------- Message 28
I personally feel that Jennifer should be with Jack (although no longer the
same actor as when I was able to watch). Both Peter (gag) and Jack are far
from what I would call a good prospect. However, Jack has been more than 
upfront about his shortcomings as a perfect man. He admits to being a "nasty"
at points, but I think he has really tried to clean up his act. Peter, OTOH,
is *still* hiding things from Jennifer (including something about trying to
kill her mother?). Peter (double gag) is rotten to the core. Jennifer needs
to get as far away from him as possible.
------- Message 29
Jennifer belongs with Jack.
------- Message 30
Poll- I think Jenn belongs with Jack!
------- Message 31
I think that Jack and Jennifer belong together. However, there is always
room for other partners for Jack, maybe say Hope. As for Peter, I don't
think he and Jennifer belong together. Perhaps, he could be paired with...I
really don't know! However, I think Mike needs a girlfriend. Sarah would
be a good match if she wasn't so young.
------- Message 32
I think Jennifer belongs with Jack!!!
------- Message 33
In response to your poll, the answer is of course that Jennifer should be 
with Jack. Peter is scum and he will never change. Jack has become even 
more charming, and I think that they would actually become a romantic 
couple as opposed to the goofiness that they had in the old days. It 
would be nice to see a romantic wedding for them, in contrast to the old 
west rodeo that they had before!!
------- Message 34
I would like to see Jennifer back with Jack, but only because Jack is a
different actor - and a great-looking one at that. I didn't like the way
Matthew Ashford played Jack. For someone who was brought up the way he was,
he turned into a big goofball. It's time for Jennifer to find out about the
REAL Peter.
------- Message 35
My opinion: JENNIFER belongs with JACK!!!!
------- Message 36
Jennifer belongs w/ Jack. Peter is slime. Jack used to be slime, but he 
seems to have reformed. Although, if the writers put Jack and Jennifer 
back together they will soon mess that relationship up again.
------- Message 37
Jennifer should be with JACK
------- Message 38
I think that Jennifer should choose Jack. Peter is such a slim 
ball!! I hope that she realizes what a creap Peter is. Jack truely 
does love her and will do anything to win her back. I honestly think 
that Jennifer still loves Jack. Lets just hope she realizes it too 
(and admits it).
------- Message 39
I have to go with Jack/Jenn. We've seen the Jenn/Peter thing for over a 
year now and it still doesn't do a thing for me. I'm willing to give the 
J&J a chance, since we've never actually seen them *together* and chemistry 
has to be better than clown-face Dimera!
------- Message 40

Peter is a controlling, manipulative jerk. Not to mention that Jack is much 
better looking. :)

I don't like who Jennifer has become since she has been with Peter. She was 
much nicer when she was with Jack.

Just my 2 cents :)
------- Message 41
JEnnifer belongs with Jack and Peter belongs in Jail I'd like to say ASAP but 
in Days time it will probably be December of 96 if not later before anything 
good like that happens.
------- Message 42
I definitely would like to see Jennifer with Jack rather than Peter. But
what do you do with them once they're back together? Explore their working
relationship? I think Jack still has a lot of explaining to do as to his
whereabouts and why he REALLY(?) left her and Abby.

Peter, of course, is then free to become the resident "bad guy" since
they've made Stephano a good guy. He could push Stephano back into his
"dark side" again. You know, Victor used to be such a neato bad guy, too. 
What's happening on DOOL? 
------- Message 43
------- Message 44
Well, I think that Jenn should definitley be with Jack! He was her first 
love, and it is obvious that she still cares. Peter is nothing but 
trash lately. She deserves better, and Jack is just that!
------- Message 45
I think that Jennifer belongs with Jack. After all, he only left in the 
first place because he felt guilty over Abby's illness, and not because 
of another woman or anything--Jenn should forgive and forget; it's 
obvious that he loves her and Abby, and wants what will make them happy. 
Jack's made a lot of personal character changes, and she should keep that in 
mind. Actually, I am very disappointed in Jennifer's judegement calls 
lately--I always thought she was a very intelligent, aware young woman, 
but the way she acts like Peter can do no wrong (HE WAS RAISED BY 
STEFANO, FOR GOD'S SAKE!! WAKE UP, WOMAN!!) makes her look very stupid. 
So, to sum up, Jennifer belongs with Jack...end of story.
------- Message 46
I believe that Jack and Jennifer belong together. From the start Peter has
done nothing by lie to Jennifer and scheme about getting rid of anyone who
casts doubts about him in Jennifer's mind. Long live Jack and Jenn. I want
Matthew Ashford back to play Jack, but Mark Valley is fine for the time being.
------- Message 47
I think Jennifer belongs with Jack. It's obvious she still loves him, 
and Peter is no good for her.
------- Message 48
Definetly "Jack".
------- Message 49
Jennifer belongs with Jack!
------- Message 50
Definitely Jack. If she actually gets a "valid" marriage with Peter, it 
will make me irate and and disgusted with the DOOL writers!
------- Message 51
If Jack and Peter are the only choices, then she belongs with Jack. But I
think she would do well to dump them both for lying to her and trying to
manipulate her. Maybe Billy Warlock could come back as Frankie. They were a
great couple.
------- Message 52
Jack and Jennifer forever!
------- Message 53
Jennifer belongs with Jack.
------- Message 54
She belongs with Jack. Peter is scum...
------- Message 55
Lately I'd say Stephano Dimera. But if it were the old Jack (Mathew-I'd 
say Jack) This present Jack is a turnip!
------- Message 56
Jennifer defientely belongs with the Jack. I have watched the show forevver,
and i have watched them since they met. Jack and Jenn are meant to be.
------- Message 57
Jack and Jen belong together.
------- Message 58
If the writers ever get back to making Jennifer the same woman she was - 
strong and independent - she should dump Peter and go back with Jack - their 
relationship from the beginning was always full of fireworks and it got 
boring when they stopped fighting. Just think of the great story line - 
Peter Jilted - Stefano memory gone - Tony about to be out of the picture - 
that makes Peter the main Demara - they are suppose to be the bad guys. 
Soaps NEED bad guys (and girls).
------- Message 59
*Definitely* Jack. Peter is such a creep!!
------- Message 60
Poll:I think Jennifer belongs with Jack, Peter is a loser and he is 
totally ugly!!!!
------- Message 61
I say Jack. He may be annoying sometimes but he loves her very much.

Peter is definitely wrong for her; she will be devastated when she finds 
out about his business dealings and how he treated her mother.

My hisband, with his twisted sense of humor, suggests Stephano.
------- Message 62
- -In response to your poll I would like to say that I would like Jennifer to
dump Peter and fast. I never liked them together and I never will. I have
fast forwarded through almost all of their relationship--especially the
noisy, disgusting kissing scenes. Yeecccckkkkk. She has become so unlike
Jennifer I didn't even enjoy her when she was doing the 'girl' thing with
Kristen, Billie and eventally Hope.

On the other hand I have enjoyed the recent scenes with Jennifer, Jack and
Abby and I feel they do have chemistry. I hope they do let them at least
explore a future together.
------- Message 63
Jen should be with Jack! Because she truly loves him!
Besides, Peter is bad news. 

More importantly, Bo should be with Billie, NOT HOPE. Bring Billie back!
------- Message 64
MY vote is for Jack Peter has too much Demira in him which probably would 
get someone killed. Just as long as he stay away for mommy dearest in law.
------- Message 65
I think that Jenn belong with Jack. 
Since Mark Valley took the role, I was thinking that we were beter with the
old Jack but since then, I accomodate myself to him. 

I think they would make a great couple. I think that DOOL's writers are
going that way but till when will we have to wait before we see them back
------- Message 66
Poll Jack, no doubt. Peter will eventually resort to the DiMera ways. 
Jenn deserves better. Besides Jack had a reason he left town. He felt 
his family was a risk and he was ashamed of the errors he made in life. 

But concerning storyline. Probably a better storyline would result from a 
Peter/Jenn match.
------- Message 67
poll: For sure she belongs with Jack! 
------- Message 68
I think Jenn should get back together with Jack!!!
------- Message 69
Jenn & Jack, Bo & Hope, Carrie & Austin -- yes, I'm a boring old-timer!
(this Austin is too young and geeky!!) 
------- Message 70
I think Jennifer belongs with Jack, but the old Jack. Matthew 
Ashford that is. I liked the chemistry the two of them had. I 
haven't been able to really accept Mark Valley, although I do 
believe he is quite handsome. Matthew and Melissa seemed to posses 
that "glowing" kind of love with a bit of humor and mischief in 
------- Message 71
I believe Jennifer belongs with Jack. They are a fun couple. Jennifer has
become dull and blind. Peter belongs with someone else (perhaps Laura). 
------- Message 72
rejectionI think Jennifer belongs with Jack - Peter is ssuch a devious and unscrupulous
character and she is sweet and good - hard to see her with such a creep! Jack
has atoned for his past and is ready to be a father to Abbie and a husband to
Jen - take him!!
------- Message 73
Jenn and Jack...Jenn oughta dump Peter, who is an unscrupulous cretin (and
looks like a cartoon), but should live together on a trial basis to see if 
Jack is truly a Changed Man. Laura needs to get a condo of her own and meet the
international spy who lives across the hall out of Taster's Choice!

------- Message 74
I feel Jennifer should/will end up with Jack! I do wish Matthew Ashford 
were back as Jack (but this new one is growing on me).
------- Message 75
There is only one obvious answer to this poll-Jennifer belongs only with Jack.
Peter is nothing but lying scum, and I hate having to watch him and Jennifer
drool over each other while everything possible goes wrong for Jack. Jack truly
loves Jennifer, and his persistance in spite of continuous humiliating 
is testimony to his love and concern over Peter's character, or lack of one.
Peter is a murderer, liar, involved with drugs, and just as bad as Stefano. To
tell you the truth, Jennifer doesn't deserve Jack after the horrible things she
has said to him. Also, I think Mark Valley is the best actor to play the
part(yes, even better than Matt Ashford). He is the best character on the show,
and I will be glad when the writers do him justice and allow him to do 
something other than chase after someone who doesn't deserve him. 
------- Message 76
Jack is the only man for Jennifer, although Jennifer doesn't deserve him. I 
HATE Peter and can't wait for Jack to expose him, although I'm not sure if I 
can wait much longer. Mark Valley is also the best actor to play Jack. I 
would love to see him and either Hope or Sarah get together and make Jen 
extremely jealous. I hope she comes crawling back.
------- Message 77
Hi, I'm for Jack and Jenn. I think that Jack his the most honest of=20
both. I don't say that he is a saint but I like him.
------- Message 78
"Poll" I think Jennifer should get back with Jack.
------- End of Forwarded Messages

------- Message 1
She belongs with Peter. She and the new Jack (Valley) have
absolutely no chemistry. jennifer was just fine without Jack -- 
let her be happy with Peter!
------- Message 2
I think Jack is a whiny loser, and Jennifer belongs with Peter.
------- Message 3
I know I'm in a real minority with this - but I never liked Jack, not 
even the other one. Peter is a bad boy, but I think he has treated 
Jennifer much better than Jack ever did. Unfortunately, he has had to 
resort to unsavoury methods to keep her. And I don't like that about 
him - but I think she belongs with him. I think Jennifer and Jack are 
passe - he needs to get a life without her.
------- Message 4
Most definitely PETER!!!!
------- Message 5
I think that Peter and Jenn should get married, ( not a fake 
marraige) let them work out their problems with has devious doings. Jack 
get a life, and a job. 
------- Message 6
I think Jennifer should marry Peter. I'm really starting to like the new Jack
and I would love for him to fall for Laura and then have Jennifer want him back
after she marries Peter.
------- Message 7
She belongs with Peter, because she's become such a bitch. JAck is to 
good for her.
------- Message 8
Jennifer belongs with Peter. Jack is SOOOOOOOO annoying!!!!!
------- Message 9
okay- i have been watching Days for a long time and I even used to LIKE Jack
but he blew it in a major way when he ran out on Jennifer (we won't even get
into how he raped Kayla!!)and the baby. I know Peter has a bad vein of blood
in him but you can tell that he LOVES Jennifer and I think at this point
that is what is most important. I also think he would stop his bad business
deals for Jennifer.
------- Message 10
i believe that jennifer should be with peter. let her suffer with the 
*evil* man and suffer BAD!!! they always say, "you don't know what 
you've got until you lose it" (or something like that) jack is way too 
good for jennifer. he should just move on. jennifer is blind not to see 
how much jack loves her. 
------- Message 11
I used to like Jennifer and Jack (Matthew Ashford's Jack) together and I've
enjoyed her scenes with Mark (?) Valley, but I no longer care for the
character of Jennifer at all so I hope she and the good-for-nothing Peter
Blake ride off into the sunset together and let Jack find someone else to
love. Someone other than Laura! I can only hope that the reason they went
through with the wedding was because Melissa Reeves is really leaving and
they are just going to write them out by sending them on their honeymoon,
NEVER to return. Ah, perchance, to dream...
------- Message 12
Poll for Jennifer, Jack, Peter: I know Jack's the 'good guy' and Peter's 
the 'bad guy', but I find Peter so much more appealing than naggy, whining
Jacj. Besides, Jack has that annoying certainty that Jennifer loves him 
and should be with him. So, despite Peter's faults, crimes and shady 
dealings, I vote for him. After all, other characters have been 
rehabilitated, so why not Peter?
------- End of Forwarded Messages

------- Message 1
My comments on Jenn and her "man":

I don't think that Jenn should be with either Jack or Peter. I
think she needs to find and intelligent hunk of a man (neither
of which Peter or Jack are) and get on with her life. 

My reasoning for this: Jack has turned into a WHIMP. Always
scurrying around saying "I must get Jennifer". And Peter is
still evil to the core. I think Jennifer could be a great
actress if given the right person and storyline.
------- Message 2
I think Jennifer should give them both up!! Neither Peter nor Jack seem
to let Jen be Jen. She needs to find someone new altogether.
------- Message 3
My vote is with *** Someone else?

I think that they are both scoundrels in their own right..she can 
do better. Plus please, please return her to her fiesty career/mom 
persona..It seems that all the characters on DOOl have gone into a 
parallel universe and are the opposite of who they really are!
------- Message 4
Okay, about this poll: My vote is for No-one! Geesh writers 
everywhere...get a clue; neither of these guys deserves Jenn... and what 
has happened to her lately? I hate to see females portrayed as the "i'm 
nothing without a man..." type. Er... that doesn't sound exactly right, 
but I think you all know what I mean! 
------- Message 5
Jennifer belong with someone else!!!
------- Message 6
Jennifer should be with.....NEITHER
Peter - too dangerous
Jack - walking out was unforgiveable
------- Message 7
Definitely with someone else! Peter should be revealed as the scum he is. Jack
& Laura should get together. Jenn needs someone new unless Frankie is coming
------- Message 8
I used to think that Jennifer belonged with Jack, but she's become such a 
weinie that I don't want to wish her on him. I don't want to see her 
with Peter, because he'd hurt her and that'd upset Alice. Bo's been such 
a weiner lately--maybe she should be with him...
------- Message 9
I believe Jennifer should be with someone else entirely, perhaps bring
Frankie back? I think Jack should be with Sarah, sure she's young, but
as long as she's an adult..age don't matter. Laura or Hope could be 
possibilities for him. Now for Peter, I really dislike him, so the
Lady in White should kill him, or rather I would see him exposed as the 
person he really is...let Jennifer find out for herself.
------- Message 10
I want to see Jennifer with anyone but Peter, Jack is fine, but I'd
sooner see her with someone else, so my vote is:

Someone else!!!
------- Message 11
Who does Jennifer belong with?
1. Certainly not Peter. The man is scum. For a while we kinda thought
that he was attempting to clean up his act and then we see he is still
involved with the criminal element by owning the Blue Moon. Also, there
is still the fact that he tried to make Laura go crazy which almost
resulted in Jen going off the hospital roof. Also, I am still suspicious
as to what he did to Daniel. Any one of these things is enough, but I
also don't like his constant touchy, feely possesive attitude towards
Jennifer - give it a rest and get a life of your own. He is just really
2. Probably not Jack either. Even though he did not know "Monica" (Laura)
was Jen's mother, it does not excuse him. Here he is supposedly trying
to straighten himself out to win Jen back and he sleeps with someone else.
And, he did once walk out on Jen. I'd still rather Jen end up with him
than Peter, though.
3. Maybe someone new altogether then. There is currently no character
on the show to make a good match with. Here's a stupid idea: bring
back Frankie or Francious (or however you spell it) for her.

Just get Jennifer away from Peter.
------- Message 12
Jennifer belongs with Frankie Brady [remembering the 80's]
Jack belongs with Sarah.
Peter should get with Laura to piss Jennifer off.

------- Message 13
Toad has always been my pet name for Peter Blake. I guess you can see which
way my vote is going to go. Peter has always and will always make he sick.
I find him irritating in the extreme and find the influence he has had over
Jennifer's life not only destructive but downright catastrophic! Jennifer
was once a bright, funny, adventurous woman. Now she a cold, barbed tongue
little witch! Peter hands her money and "romance" and he doesn't know a damn
thing about love. He has lied to her, manipulated her, hurt and threatened
almost everone close to Jennifer and he has not expressed any remorse
whatsoever. He has stolen from John, he poisoned Laura (threatening Jennifer
and Mike in the process of "gaslighting" Laura), he's delt drugs, he's lied
to Jennifer point blank, manipulated her into bed on more than one occasion
saying that if she didn't sleep with him that he would leave (remember *that*
little discussion a year ago?!) He continues to profit from illegal doings
while he walks around like a pompous ass! If you can't tell I HATE THAT
GUY!...However, I almost hope that Jennifer does marry him. At least it
would shut the two of them up about their "perfect" wedding. Ugggghhhh! If
I hear them discuss it one more time I will scream. I no longer want Jack to
expose Peter. What good would that do. I want Jack to give the hell up on
Jennifer...and hey! I don't mind his being with Laura because that's the one
thing that will bother Jennifer the most. Then I wasn JENNIFER to discover
every slimey little secret there is about Peter and be completely disgusted
by him! I want her to SUFFER! After she's suffered long enough, then she
can have Jack back. 
So in conclusion:
Peter I want gone from the show.
Jennifer I want humiliated and VERY sorry for the way that she has behaved
Jack I want vindicated and I want Jennifer to apologize to him at least a
quarter as many times as she has falsely accused him.
------- Message 14
I want Frankie to come back, since we don't have the REAL Jack. (I have
nothing against Mark Valley, Father Pete on AW was just fine, he's just not the
Jack Jennifer belongs with. I could see him with Hope)

I don't really want Jack with Laura, I'm not too crazy about her.

Isn't it amazing how once 2-3 people decide that it's especially important that
they keep their secret quiet, because someone is looking for dirt on one of
them, that they just can't keep from talking about it CONSTANTLY so they'll be
sure to be overheard a few times. The Mike/Laura and Jack/Laura scenes are
getting old. (It is nice to see Mike on TV, but give him something other than
his mom's desired sex life to talk about.)
------- Message 15
Regarding this triangle, I don't think Jen belongs with either of
them. I strongly dislike Jack's obsession with Jen. His relentless
pursuit is monotonous, tedious, and endless. He's like the 
Energizer Bunny of obsessed husbands: keeps going and going and 
going on into infinity. How annoying to watch! Ditto for Laura's
obsession with Jack. She really believes that she can have Jack
for herself. I think she is more psycho now than she was when she
was at Pine Haven all those years. As for Peter, he seems like he
is trying to do what is best for Jen by not telling her about his
dirty dealings, but that makes their marriage not based on honesty,
which makes it destined to fail in my book. As to who Jen should 
be with, I don't see anyone really. I think she should focus on 
her family (especially poor Abby). I mean, why does she need a man
in her life anyhow? Oh, I forgot, DOOL women can't be single. Silly
me. Anyhow, I am sure that Jen will marry Peter, and all the bad
stuff about Jack and Laura will come out, and then Peter will be
found out so them all those lives will be ruined. 

Anyhow, that is how I see things.
------- Message 16
Frankly, I liked Jenn with Frankie!!!!!!
------- Message 17
I think Jenn should hook up w/ Bo, and Jack w/ Hope, and Peter w/ Laura.
------- Message 18
neither, she should pack her bags and move to Port Charles and hook up with
Dr Tom Hardy over on General Hospital. I hear that he's recently divorced
and very available. ;)
------- Message 19
It's difficult to say who Jennifer should be with considering Peter 
isn't on Days yet in Australia...

I'm not that great a fan of Jack and Jenn, so I say BRING BACK FRANKY!
------- Message 20
I thik that Jennifer should marry Mike. He is the ONLY person that 
hasn't done one thing wrong on the program lateley. Sure, he's her 
brother, but, hey, this is DAYS we're talking about.

Jack should run to Hope. and Peter should run to... well, Jude, I guess.

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