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This is just an unofficial fan page, we have no connection to "Days of Our Lives" or NBC.


Days of Our Lives Nitpicks & Flubs

by Michele & Cheryl

Week of 2/8/10


Last Friday, Melanie was standing on the left side of the pub door and Nathan was on the right.  In this episode, they were on opposite sides.

Why would Nathan get drunk when he could get beeped?  That was really smart.


There was something white in Melanie's hair, but it was gone within the next scene.

Carly slid at the Kiriakis mansion, but the ground didn't look icy.

How did Carly know that Melanie was at the Kiriakis mansion?  Mia didn't tell her where Melanie was so how did she know?


Carly wanted to keep Melanie's identity a secret, but she said how she was her daughter out loud.  Carly was alone, but anyone could have heard her.

Why would Stephanie be so willing to help Melanie celebrate her wedding to Philip?  She was going to marry Philip last year so that should be weird for her.

Carly knows that Melanie's phone was broken, but she left the message about Vivian on it anyway.  She could have called the Kiriakis mansion to warn her about Vivian.

Carly had her shirt on, but it was in her hand within the next scene.

When did Ciara find out that Carly is Melanie's mother?  Carly and Bo didn't say anything about Melanie in front of her.


Why would Gus tell Carly where they were?  That didn't make any sense.


Melanie fainted, but she took the time to put her leg up on the bed.

Carly and Hope weren't close to the boxes that Gus pushed on them so they shouldn't have been hit by them.










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