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This is just an unofficial fan page, we have no connection to "Days of Our Lives" or NBC.


Days of Our Lives Nitpicks & Flubs

by Michele & Cheryl

Week of June 15, 2009


Why is it that Arianna is only shown working at the pub when Rafe and Sami show up?  Any other time there are other people working there.

Why was Will so surprised that EJ was Grace's "father"?  He is already Johnny's father.

When Rafe showed up at the pub to see Arianna, Bo and Hope weren't there.  The next time the scenes at the pub were shown, Bo and Hope were there.

Hope was supposed to be writing in a notepad, but the page was blank.


Why would Max want to go to London with Chelsea when she didn't want him to be there before?  He also had a full scholarship to medical school and now he has to blow that for her.

Why didn't Max know about what happened to Stephanie/  He didn't leave Salem so you would think he would have heard about what happened.

Was there some reason why Brady was wearing makeup in this episode?  Is he hiding a secret?


Since when do you take pills without water?  Stephanie keeps taking her pills without any water.


Why weren't Marlena, Eric, Belle, Carrie as well as Sami's other relatives there for the funeral?  They should have been there for her.

How did Melanie manage to get powdered sugar on her face when she didn't have the donut near it?


Why was Max at the hospital instead of at the church with his family?

It was obvious that Stephanie didn't really stop EJ at the church.

Why didn't Lucas go to Grace's funeral?  You would think that he would want to be there for Sami.





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