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Days of Our Lives Nitpicks & Flubs

by Michele & Cheryl

Week of August 11, 2008


Why did John seem so surprised that Stefano is awake?  John was at the hospital when Tony let it slip out last week.

Who told Sami about Stefano being transferred to the hospital?  Why would anyone tell her?

Did John slip up?  He called Stefano his "little brother" when he was talking to Anna.  Stefano is older than John.

If Sami was so worried about Marlena, why didn't she check her apartment?  She might have found her if she did.

John told Anna that his tires were true, how did they get to his place from the church?  They could have used that car to get to Marlena's place.

Seeing as Stefano was in prison when he was put in a coma, you would think that the police would have been outside of his hospital room.


Why didn't the police talk to Marlena considering what happened to her?  

Marlena's tears appeared and disappeared within the same scene.

Why is the poison taking longer to work on Marlena than it did on Stefano?  Stefano wasn't able to talk when Marlena injected him.


What happened to the gash that Lucas had on his head?  He had a deep gash on his head when he was sent to the hospital, but now it's gone.

Why didn't the doctors use the oxygen masks to help everyone once the gas was released?  That would have helped everyone breathe.

Tony wasn't coughing and he was in the room with the gas too.

When Lucas said one of his lines, his mouth and the words were not in sync.  It sounded like his dialogue was coming out of a microphone and they didn't match up to the way his lips were moving.


When Stefano walked in Marlena's room the lights were on, but the lights were out when they were shown again.

Were there selective vapors coming through the vents because Anna kept taking her cloth away from her face and putting it back on again?


How did Stefano get access to the intercom at the hospital without someone seeing him?  We know Stefano can do anything, but that was ridiculous.

If the adults were having trouble breathing because the gas, how come Joe wasn't worse than they were?  He already had problems breathing on his own so the gas should have made him worse.

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