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The Days of Our Lives Characters Pages

Days of Our Lives Character Descriptions

Roman Brady
Played by Josh Taylor
Written by

Roman is a cop like his half brother Bo. Just like Bo, Roman is kind and has a good heart but is a bit unlucky in love.

Roman was married to Anna, and they had a daughter named Carrie. Roman was assigned to protect Marlena from the Salem Strangler. It did not take too long for these two opposites to attract, and Roman and Marlena fell in love. However, this is soap life and happily ever after does not exist: Anna and Carrie returned, but Roman and Anna finally divorced.

Stefano, who has it in for the Bradys, tried to kill Roman several times on his wedding day. He did not succeed. One of Roman's proudest days was when the twins Eric and Samantha were born.

Roman was shot by Stefano and presumed dead for several years. In fact, he was being held captive. John Black took over the life of Roman and everyone fell for it. You can imagine the shock when the real Roman returned and found his wife in the arms of another man. They managed to sort things out and Roman took back his place.

Things, however, between Marlena and Roman weren’t the same as her heart now belonged to John. Marlena slept with John and became pregnant. When it came to light that the child was not Roman's, Roman was deeply hurt by the deceit of the two people he cared most about. Roman could not bear the thought of the situation so divorced Marlena and left town.

On John and Marlena's wedding day, Kristin brought Roman back but he was very ill. John went on a quest to find a cure. Roman found out that John and Marlena were still together but was determined to win back his one true love. Roman realized that he was not going to win back Marlena and gave up.

Later, Roman and Kate got closer. Roman deserved some happiness in his life, and after going through some of life's knocks, they finally got married. Once again it was not a happy ending: the Killer murdered Roman on his wedding night.

Roman has a strong personality and his honesty is important to him. He lives for his children but does know when to step in when they are causing trouble. Roman will walk through fire for his family. He is adored and loved by everyone in Salem. 

Proofread by Laura on 5/3/11.

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Page updated 5/2/12

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