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The Days of Our Lives Characters Pages

Days of Our Lives Character Descriptions

Nicole Walker
Played by Arianne Zuker
Written by

One thing no one should do is be fooled by her beauty because this vixen will eat you alive.

Nicole started out as a waitress at the Java Cafe. She moved on to be the new face of Bella magazine. There was great chemistry between her and Eric Brady. I think Eric was the first guy that she truly loved and cared about; he was the last, as well.

Nicole was scarred inside, the kind of hurt that you don't show. If there is one thing that Nicole longed for in her life it was a father figure because her father failed her in every aspect. He used her to play a part in a porno movie and all the things he did to her made Nicole hate her father with a passion, though deep inside there was a hope that he would change.

Nicole hates her poor mother: she blames her for the bad things that happened to their family. Sometimes when they were together one could see some compassion in Nicole's eyes for her mother but the past hurts too much, making it difficult to get close to her mother.

Nicole and Eric's relationship did not last long: she fell in love with greed. When Kate offered Nicole five million dollars to marry Lucas, she hesitated for a while, but I guess not even love can top that kind of money. Giving up her true love to live with a man she disliked made her start to drink. The alcohol took away that pain and made her forget what she gave up. 

Nicole liked the lifestyle that she had with Lucas because it was all about money and glamour. Her greed for money and being on top soon made her "forget" about Eric.

Nicole fast became the master of manipulation. She got out of her bogus marriage to Lucas and made her way into Victor's bed. I don't think she loved him; she loved his money and the security that he gave her. She thought of him more of a father figure.

When Nicole's father was released from prison, she hoped that he had changed. That did not happen. Nicole wanted her father to feel the same pain that she did, and she shot him. When Paul died there was a sense of satisfaction but a lot of hurt as well.

Nicole is a person who gets what she wants and will do anything to get it. If it means blackmail, murder or sleeping with someone, be assured that Nicole will do it. However, deep down, I think she wants some acceptance, somebody who can love her in a way that she needs, someone she can love back with no strings attached.

Proofread by Laura on 5/24/11

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Page updated 5/8/12

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