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The Days of Our Lives Characters Pages

Days of Our Lives Character Descriptions

Marlena Evans Black
Played by Deidre Hall
Written by

Deidre joined Days in 1976 and has been a fan favorite ever since. In 1986 she starred in the series "Our House" and therefore left Days to concentrate on this series. Deidre married Steve Sohmer on New Year's Eve of 1991. It was in August 1991 that she returned to Days. 

Marlena has been through some major drama since she moved to Salem, when she treated Mickey who was in an institution. Marlena's twin sister, Samantha arrived and impersonated her. 

Marlena married Don Craig but divorced him when they lost their child. Marlena was then stalked by the Salem Strangler. Roman became her bodyguard and they fell in love. The Salem Strangler murdered Samantha but thought that it was Marlena. Roman and Marlena married and had two children, Eric and Sami. They all thought that Roman was dead after Stefano shot him.

Marlena was kidnapped by crazy Stella, who thought that Marlena was in love with her husband Roger. John came to her rescue. Marlena decided to stay with Roman and John decided to leave Salem. Marlena rushed to the plane to stop John and they made love. Marlena's relationship with her daughter Sami crumbled when she caught her mom and John making love in an office at Titan. Marlena became pregnant with Belle. Sami switched the paternity test so that Roman would be the father and her parents would stay together. When the true paternity was revealed, Roman left Salem and divorced Marlena.

Marlena later became possessed by a demon; she created a lot of trouble by ruining the Christmas presents and put the church on fire. She was known as The Desecrator.  John saved her by performing an exorcism with a priest.

Marlena was kidnapped by Stefano again and was held captive in a cage underneath the streets of Paris. John saved her yet again.

John had been involved with Kristen, who got jealous about Marlena and John's relationship.  After months, Marlena discovered Kristin's manipulations, and before she could expose Kristin to John, Kristin locked her up in a secret room in the DiMera mansion. Laura Horton came to her rescue and everything was revealed.

Kristin came back to Salem with a man she claimed was Roman, whom everyone thought was dead. 

Finally, after everything that happened, John and Marlena got married. But on their honeymoon, John was kidnapped by Gina. Later, Marlena believed that John was the father of Hope's baby.  Later it was revealed he was Bo's child.

Marlena and Brady (John's son) did not see eye to eye. Marlena was convinced that Brady wanted to hurt Belle. She went to Roman for help.   Eventually, she and Brady improved their relationship.

Marlena treated Tony and later the Gemini twins. Marlena receive a pillow that Stefano left her in his will.

Family and friends started dying at the hands of the Salem Stalker, who was a serial killer. The killer was believed to be Dr. Marlena. John did everything in his power to prove her innocence, but she was caught and admitted her crimes, much to everyone's horror. Marlena was shot while trying to escape prison, and everyone thought she was dead. 

All the victims were brought back alive on the tropical Island of Melaswen (New Salem spelled backwards). It turned out the killer wasn't Marlena, but Stefano DiMera's nephew, Andre, who had kidnapped them and made Marlena think she was killing off her friends and family.

John began seeing Dr. Charlotte Taylor to regain his memories. Marlena watched as she and John grew close, but it didn't take long for her to see that something was off about Charlotte. John's son, Brady Black, helped Marlena discover that Charlotte was keeping him from remembering everything. Charlotte went to Marlena's apartment and tried to kill her. John burst in at the last minute, after he discovered what Charlotte was trying to pull, and she stabbed him with a syringe. Charlotte was arrested while John was rushed to the hospital, paralyzed. Kayla Brady told Marlena that they couldn't treat him in Salem. When John woke up, he regained his memory completely and reunited with Marlena. In 2009, they remarried and headed off to Switzerland to treat John's paralysis.

Marlena has always been a heroine.  She is a good, kind, thoughtful person.  She is a mother not only to her own children but to other young people.  She has loved a few men deeply.  She is a healer, a doctor, and an upstanding citizen in her community.  She doesn't seem to have many flaws aside from loving fiercely and perhaps being judgmental sometimes.

Proofread by Laura on 4/5/11

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