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The Days of Our Lives Cast List Page


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Artie (Student at Salem U)

Grant Harvey*

Brady Black

Eric Martsolf

John Black

Drake Hogestyn

Dr. Marlena Evans Black

Deidre Hall

Bo Brady

Peter Reckell

Caroline Brady

Peggy McCay

Ciara Alice Brady

Lauren Boles*

Eric Brady

Greg Vaughan

Hope Williams Brady / Gina Von Amberg

Kristian Alfonso

Roman Brady

Josh Taylor

Abe Carver

James Reynolds

Theodore Brandon Carver

Terrell Ransom, Jr.*

Dr. Cameron Davis Schuyler Yancey
Abigail "Abby" Deveraux Kate Mansi
Jennifer Horton Deveraux Melissa Reeves

Chad Michael DiMera

Casey Jon Deidrick

John Roman "Johnny" DiMera

Aaron & Griffin Kunitz*

Kate Roberts DiMera

Lauren Koslow

Sydney DiMera

Isabelle and Sahara Roberts*


Julian Barnes*


Ron Leath*

Gabi Hernandez

Camila Banus

Rafe Hernandez

Galen Gering

Samantha "Sami" Jean Brady Hernandez

Alison Sweeney

Alice Caroline "Allie" Horton

Carolyn & Campbell Rose*

Lucas Horton

Bryan R. Dattilo

Maggie Simmons Horton

Suzanne Rogers

Will Horton

Chandler Massey

Dr. Kayla Brady Johnson*

Mary Beth Evans*

Dr. Daniel Jonas

Shawn Christian

Martine Kent

Ciera Payton

Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis

Judi Evans

Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis

Freddie Smith

Justin Kiriakis

Wally Kurth

Melanie Layton Kiriakis

Molly Burnett

Victor Kiriakis

John Aniston*


Mary Garripoli*

Nurse Maxine

Aloma Wright*

Ian McAllister

Ian Buchanan

Detective McCarthy

Jensen Higley*

Celeste Perrault

Beverly Todd*

Austin Reed

Patrick Muldoon

Billie Reed

Lisa Rinna

Caroline "Carrie" Brady Reed

Christie Clark

Agent Spencer

Greg Ellis*


Brendan Michael Coughlin*

Nicole Walker

Arianne Zucker

E.J. Wells

James Scott

Doug Williams

Bill Hayes*

*recurring or temporary   **guest star

Comings and Goings

Joseph Mascolo is back as Stefano DiMera on Tuesday, August 21.

Susan Seaforth Hayes appears as Julie Williams on Friday, August 24.

Brendan Coughlin reprises the role of Tad, Will's friend, "T," on Monday, August 20.

Brant Daugherty, who is going to be involved in a storyline with Will and Sonny, makes his appearance as Brian on Tuesday, August 21.

Jean Bruce Scott will reprise the role of Jessica Blake Fallon, Nick's mother, on Friday, August 31, after an absence of almost 30 years. She last appeared on November 9, 1982.

Caleb Hunt departs as the stalker that Gabi hired on Friday, August 17.

Wally Kurth (Justin) and Judi Evans (Adrienne) will be back on Wednesday, August 15 to hear news of Jack's explosive death.

Sarah Brown (Madison) and Matthew Ashford (Jack) last aired on Wednesday, August 15.

Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky, GH; ex-Diego, Y&R) has been cast as Sami's twin brother, Eric. He began taping in August and will arrive as a holy man.

Ralph Waite (Father Matt) will be back on the show on Friday, August 17.  

Sebastian La Cause (Silvio) will air the week of August 13.

Joseph Mascolo (Stefano) is back at work at the NBC Studios. There is no word on when he will be back on the show.

Caleb Hunt's (Andrew) final airdate will be Friday, August 17.

Peter Reckell is leaving the role of Bo Brady sometime in the fall. He finished taping his scenes on Tuesday, July 25.

Nurse Maxine, played by Aloma Wright, and Tad (Will's friend), played by Brendan Michael Coughlin, return in August after an absence of almost a year. Update:  Aloma Wright will air on Friday, August 17 while Brendan Michael Coughlin will air on Monday, August 20.

Blake Berris returns as Nick Fallon, Marie Horton's grandson, on Monday, August 27. He was last seen in January 2009 going to prison for accidentally killing Trent Robbins.

Eileen Davidson (Ashley, Y&R) will return as Kristen Blake, EJ's adopted sister and John's ex, on Thursday, October 11.

Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) will be leaving the show in the fall of 2012.

Ian Buchanan (Ian) has been written out of the show.  He will last air on Wednesday, August 22.

John Aprea (ex-Lucas, AW) debuted on Monday, June 25 as Arthur, Stefano’s lawyer who discusses his will with EJ.

Molly Burnett (Melanie) filmed her last scenes on June 16, which will last air on Thursday, September 27.  After four years on the show, she has decided to move on with her career.

If you know of any cast members who are not here, please let us know!

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Page updated 8/17/12

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