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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/12/11 – 12/16/11

When Sami’s babysitter couldn’t watch the kids, why couldn’t Will do it?  Sami said Will was sleep when she left the house so he could have watched the kids.

Jennifer wanted to play hardball with Abe’s campaign.  She’s ready to fight fire with fire with EJ, but Abe and Lexie were against it.  We don’t know why Lexie wants Abe to have a clean campaign with EJ after everything he’s done.

Maybe Jennifer should take some tips from Nicole on how to have a dirty campaign since Nicole can always stay a step ahead of her.  Jennifer set up a charity function for Abe that Nicole managed to sabotage by having EJ there instead.  We are interested in seeing what Jennifer has in mind to sabotage EJ’s campaign.

Daniels hand was suddenly shaking when he tried to untie the knot in Jennifer’s ice skates.  It’s something how that wasn’t a problem before yet it’s suddenly a problem now.

It was a nice nod to Kristian Alfonso’s past as an ice skater when Jennifer mentioned Hope skating like a professional.

Marlena told John that she was going to investigate his case.  She thought she would be able to go up against Stefano.  John didn’t want her to do anything that will get her in danger.  She eventually caved and said she wouldn’t investigate the case.  We have a feeling that she’s going to investigate it anyway.

It didn’t take Gabi long to be over Will and ready to move on.  They just broke up a couple of days ago yet she’s ready to be with someone else.  She must not have cared for Will the way we were supposed to believe she did.

We see sparks between Rafe and Carrie.  We wouldn’t mind seeing them together if Rafe and Sami didn’t last.  Since we couldn’t have Lucas and Sami together (for now anyway), we wanted to see Rafe and Sami together.  Now that we see something with Rafe and Carrie, we wouldn’t be heartbroken if they got together.

EJ offered to buy Basic Black from John in order to drop the lawsuit.  John refused to sell the company to EJ.  John knew that it would come out that EJ set him up so John wasn’t willing to make the deal.  It served EJ right that his plan backfired.

The writers re-wrote Brady’s story.  He made it seem as if Marlena didn’t care for him the way he wanted her to.  The way we remember it, he was the one who was nasty to her.  Also, Marlena treated him as if he were her son.

Abby acts as if Austin is supposed to forget all about Carrie now that she is interested in him.  Carrie is his wife yet Abby expects Austin to leave Carrie for her.  Abby was clearly upset when Austin talked about Carrie.  Austin has not given her any indication that he wants to be with her so she needs to stop wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Page updated 5/18/12

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