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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/5/11 Ė 12/9/11

What never did EJ have to do an interview about John stealing money when he was the one who stole the money from innocent people?  How in the world does EJ sleep at night knowing what he did?

It was nice to see Rafe try and keep Will from getting smart with Sami.  As much as we enjoy seeing Will rip Sami a new one, we enjoyed seeing Rafe defend Sami.  It should make Sami feel even worse for what she did to him.

We liked hearing Bo and Hope talk about the kids.  At least they actually remember that they have a son named Shawn. We also liked seeing them bond over Zack.

Carrie had a surprise for Sami.  Carrie brought Marlena to the loft. Sami was furious. Sami wasnít ready to see Marlena yet and didnít want to be bothered with her.

Why did Julie make an ornament for Victor now that he is married to Maggie?  Victor should have been family since heís Boís father.  Guess Bo doesnít rate enough in the Horton family like Maggie does.

Sami must not be that smart or else she would figure out that Will knows about her affair.  He has dropped enough hints that he knows yet she doesnít suspect anything.

Madison ripped into Sami for being late.  Kate overheard what Madison did to Sami and advised Sami to stand up to Madison. Sami took Kateís advice and it worked.

Why would Daniel invite Maggie and Victor to Abbyís award ceremony?  If Maggie is supposed to be family, why wouldnít she invite Maggie herself?

How convenient that the guys who ran the gambling site would kidnap Chad and Melanie?  It was such an obvious way to force Chad and Melanie together.

We were not surprised that Chad knew Melanie wasnít Abby when they kissed.  He knew it was Melanie the whole time.  We didnít think the kiss was that powerful that they were still thinking about it.

Page updated 5/18/12

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