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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/28/11 - 12/2/11

It was nice to see John and Brady getting along. They really got a chance to bond when Brady went to visit John.  They even agreed to work things out while John was in prison.

Why are the writers shoving Will, Chad, and Sonnyís website down our throats?  We know we couldnít possibly be the only ones who could care less about the website storyline.

Quinn was very touchy feely with Kate at the spa.  We have a feeling that they are going to have an affair with each other.  There must be some reason why the writers brought Quinn back. They probably brought him back to be with Kate.

Why didnít Will go see Marlena on Thanksgiving?  He knew she would be by herself, but he didnít take the time to check on her.

Maybe it was us, but it seemed as if Sami was blaming EJ for their affair.  He didnít rape her this time so itís not his fault she cheated on Rafe.  She could blame EJ all she wants, but it doesnít change the fact that she slept with him.

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering Harper Devereaux.  We havenít heard that name in a long time.  Jack was talking to Marlena about his past with Harper.

Jennifer and Hope told Daniel that Maggie was in a car accident which left her on crutches.  We werenít watching the show then so itís nice to hear things from the past.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Jennifer that she hasnít made a decision between Jack and Daniel?  She doesnít have a serious problem.  She must love stringing people along.  It may be difficult for her, but itís even worse for them.

It turns out that Susan needed Aliceís help to get a doctor for EJ when he was sick years ago.  We didnít think Alice knew Susan.  Maybe Alice was letting Susan get access to the money in the bank account.

The writers re-wrote Susanís story.  According to the letter she wrote to Alice, she thought Stefano figured out she wasnít Kristen.  Stefano already knew she wasnít Kristen because he made her up to look like Kristen.  Also, he most likely wouldnít have had sex with her if he thought she was Kristen.

It was nice to see Abe take the time to see John.  He was risking losing the election by seeing John, but he didnít care about that.  Abe proved that he was a good friend to him.

Why was Carrie making excuses for Marlena when she spoke to Sami?  Marlena had no excuse for not seeing Johnny.  Sami may be upset with Marlena, but Johnny is her grandson so she should have seen him.

Will needs to tell Sami why heís upset with her.  It doesnít do any good for him to yell at her without telling her why heís upset with her.

Sami needs to leave EJ alone.  Nicole saw them together so who know how many people will see them.  Sami already knows that EJ will keep quiet so she doesnít need to keep talking to him about keeping quiet.

Why would Madison go to Quinnís spa if she didnít want Sami patronizing with the enemy?  You would think that Madison wouldnítí have been in there since Quinn wouldnít use her products.

Why was Gabi so obsessed with sleeping with Will?  She should be glad that she had someone who didnít just want her for her body.

Page updated 5/18/12

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